Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last post of 2008?

Possibly. Who really knows?

Just checking in for a second. The Christmas haul was pretty darn good. The new Wii has had everyone consumed for the past few days. It's a ton of fun. I fired a pretty good round of golf this morning.

I am also taking home a new Vancouver Canucks jersey, an acoustic guitar and a copy of Rod Pedersen's "Green Magic, Canada's team wins the 2007 Grey Cup," among other things. (I know what you're thinking: "Who got the Leaf's fan a Canucks jersey?" But the first (and only) NHL game that I have attended was in Vancouver so there is a place for the jersey on my wall.


So here is a basic summary of the holidays: 1) Great food. 2) More great food. 3) World Jr Hockey.

Haven't caught all of the games but I haven't missed much either. Canada/US should be great. Possible preview of the gold medal game? We'll see.


It's always nice to catch up with friends and family at this time of year. Got to see "Sauce man" and we busted a few ribs laughing. Ah, the stories. Good times.


As you may know, the NWJHL all star game is coming up on January 17th. It will be in Whitecourt, AB. Details are being worked out and I let you know what I know when I know. Capiche?


Ok. I said I would make this short as I'm still on vacation. I am back at work on the 5th (technically) but I call the Canucks' game on the 3rd.

Enjoy the rest of 2008!


Monday, December 22, 2008

Battle of the Boarder

CALGARY, ALBERTA - Dawson Creek is the first of four communities selected to host the EnCana-sponsored Battle of the Border women's hockey tournament in February 2009.

Calgary's Oval X-Treme women's hockey team will play the United States Selects in the opening game of the tournament on Monday, February 9, 2009 at the EnCana Events Centre. While residents experience some of the finest hockey, featuring Olympians from both sides of the border, proceeds from the event will benefit two local organizations - Dawson Creek Minor Hockey and the Ark Christian Youth Centre. The tournament runs to February 13, 2009. The remaining three locations will be announced in the coming weeks.

EnCana matches monies raised through ticket, program, 50/50 and merchandise sales, to a maximum of $30,000. In the first four years of the tournament, more than $350,000 has been raised to benefit minor hockey and family-related organizations in 18 communities in Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan, where EnCana also has operations.

Team members in the Battle of the Border >tournament include Colleen Sostorics, Carla MacLeod and Gina Kingsbury of Canada, and Molly Engstrom and Chanda Gunn of the U.S. All have represented their home countries at Winter Olympic Games.

"My teammates and I love competing in this >exhilarating tournament. The level of play is always intense and is a good warm up for 2010," says Colleen Sostorics. "Dawson Creek residents could be surprised by the level of play and speed of the game in this spirited cross-border competition."

"This will be a great opportunity to come together as a community to support the two local organizations and experience great women's hockey," adds Brian Lieverse, Community Relations Advisor with EnCana.

In addition to the game, there are a number of other community-focused elements to the Battle of the Border tournament, including an autograph session, school visits, and an "X-Treme Queen for a Day" contest.

Ticket sales and further event details will be >announced in the coming weeks. For more information, visit <http://www.battleoftheborder.ca/>www.battleoftheborder.ca.

This year, for the first time, the first tournament game will be followed with the Community Sport Hero® Awards presented by EnCana, to be held Tuesday, February 10, 2009 at Dawson Creek. The evening will celebrate local unsung heroes who have helped to pave the way to the podium and beyond for young B.C. athletes.

To nominate a hero for the Community Sport Hero® Awards, or for more information, visit <http://www.sport.bc.ca/>www.sport.bc.ca. As >part of EnCana's active commitment to sport and >recreation in communities where it operates, used kids' sports equipment will also be collected for distribution to those in need.

Chetwynd Duz Cho Midgets

Are you able to add to your discussion or put in community events?

The Midget team is having a bottle drive on Sunday Jan 4 from 12-4 to help raise funds for the Provincial 'B' Championships which they will beattending in March


Bear Mountain Press Release

Christmas Hours are as follows:

December 20-23 ----- 12 noon to 8 pm
Dec 24 - 25 ---------- Closed
Dec 26 - 30 ---------- 12 noon – 8 pm
Dec 31 and Jan 1 ----- Closed
Jan 2 - 4 ------------- 12 noon – 8 pm

Bear Mountain is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this season. Early bird season pass rates have been extended for the entire season to encourage residents to ‘Get Active’ outdoors this winter. Special events will be advertised throughout the season to showcase our hill and the many volunteers who make its operation possible.

See you on the slopes!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Good 'ol Saskatchewan Blogging

The long trip back to Saskatchewan is complete. We drove pretty early in the morning which meant that most of the trip was spent dreaming. I was out the second we hit the road.
My apologies as I probably wasn't the best (oh what's the word I'm looking for?) road trip buddy. When I don't sleep I get a bit grouchy. But let's just say I told you so! Ok I didn't want to bring it up again but man am I good when it comes to directions. (I'll pay for that comment soon I'm sure.)

I filled up for 68.9 cents/litre in Camrose, AB. 68.9! As a kid the lowest price of gas that I remember seeing is 59.9 cents/litre. The image of the Shell gas station with those numbers on it is etched in my mind. Will we see gas prices drop below that number soon? I, for one, hope so.
It was -45 with the wind chill in Dawson Creek Sunday morning at 3am. That's about the same time we woke up to leave in Whitecourt. All day there was a wind chill warning back home. Happy holidays! It was even -36 or so in Kamloops.
Not nearly as much snow in Saskatchewan right now as back in the Peace region. I was hoping to get in a snowmobile ride on this trip but it's looking like that won't be the case. Anyone with a sled want to go in early January?
Haven't heard what time the Canucks pulled into Dawson Creek after the game in Whitecourt Saturday night. They were delayed in leaving as there was an issue with the bus. All I know is that it wouldn't start, after that my knowledge of mechanics and the situation is a blur. Hope the boys made it home safe and didn't have to stay the night.
Speaking of staying the night, we had a little confusion with our hotel in Whitecourt. Checked into one of the local hotels and as we entered our room we found that we weren't the only ones in there. So we thought. The room was very small and looked like a bachelor had been living there for months! Needless to say we went to another place. The Quality Inn was great and we found a room at the last minute and had a great stay. Thanks!
PG Cougar Dana Tyrell's stint with Team Canada is over. The dynamic forward suffered what is being called a serious knee injury and his tournament is over. Vancouver Giant's forward Evander Kane will take his place on the team. Hope that Tyrell isn't out of action for too long.
Big thumbs way up to the Chetwynd Public Library's Books 'n' Bites Cafe. They put on a wonderful spread for the Peace FM/Chetwynd Communication Society/Thrift Store Christmas party. Great food, lots of laughs and even some gifts. Not bad all around.
Did I call it or what? My Tennessee Titans locked up home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs with a big victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. I also recall saying on the broadcast Saturday night that the Seahawks would upset the Jets. Spooky. Maybe I'll start doing some NFL locks. Look for that to come on the blog.
Time for some sleep. Big day of visiting ahead.
Happy holidays!

Wolverines 5 Canucks 1

WHITECOURT AB -- The Canucks started slow falling behind 3-0 after the first and couldn't recover as the hometown Whitecourt Wolverines won by a final score of 5-1.

The Canucks played a very strong second period, dominating the play at times. Charles Radke got the lone goal for the visitors when he absolutely undressed Wolverines captain Ryan Hore to make it 3-1. That was as close as Dawson Creek would get as the Wolverines fired a pair past Cody Garnett in the third to make the final 5-1.

The Canucks will finish the 2008 portion of the NWJHL schedule with a record of 14-7-2.


I am officially on vacation! Feels great. Don't expect too much in the form of posting but you might see me here once or twice over the holidays... maybe.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

No blogging today

I'll be on the road all day on my way to Whitecourt ahead of tonight's match up with the Wolverines.

I'll try to post an update when I arrive in Whitecourt.

Have a great day.


Canucks 5 Blades 1

BEAVERLODGE AB -- It took a 67 shot effort from the Canucks to outlast the Beaverlodge Blades en route to a 5-1 victory on Friday night.

The Canucks went into Beaverlodge on Friday night looking for their third straight victory. Cody Garnett was between the pipes while 21 year old Sheldon Longston was in goal for the Blades and they would be the centre of attention all night.

Dawson Creek got on the board in the first five minutes of play when Carl Dahlen found Jason Higson with a beautiful pass that was buried behind Longsdon to make it 1-0. Lucas McKenzie drew the second assist on the play.

In the second it was Higson again. Just past the midway point the speedy forward was sent in all alone on a breakaway but was hauled down from behind. Penalty shot. Longsdon got the better of him on this occasion keeping the Blades within one. The one goal lead was extended late in the period when Justin McLeod scooped up a loose puck in the high slot and fired it past the Blades netminder to make it 2-0 after fourty minutes. McKenzie and Dahlen added the helpers.

The home side got on the board early in the third to cut the lead to one but the Canucks would soon pull away. Carl Dahlen provided the Safeway turning point after backhanding a rebound past Lonsdon just prior to the midway point. Colter McLean and Lewis Weaver would add singles before the game was through and the final was 5-1.

Shots on goal in the hockey game were 67-21 in favour of the Dawson Creek Jr Canucks. The Canucks power play went 0/6 while the Blades went 1/11.

Brass Scissors three stars: 1) Longsdon 2) Dahlen 3) Garnett.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time to update

It has been a whirlwind past couple of days.

I didn't really get to celebrate the Canucks' 6-2 victory over Fort St John on Saturday for very long as I was in a car accident on my way back to Chetwynd. I hit a patch of ice and went into the ditch where I then hit an approach, launching my car into the air, and rolled several times.

Somehow I walked away.

I've had people tell me that I'm lucky to be alive. It really kind of puts things into perspective. You start to think about what's really important in life and what doesn't' even matter at all.

I really need to say thank you to Duncan and his wife Shauna (apologies if that is spelt wrong) although I was told not to. They were lifesavers, literally. I was in the ditch at 2:30am and I didn't know who to call but Duncan. (luckily I had cell phone service). Duncan, Shauna and their two kids jumped in their truck and found me a little while later. Shauna drove me to the Dawson Creek hospital and stayed with me until the doctor had seen me and Duncan came back in the morning to pick me up once I was released. They did so much for me. Shauna called the RCMP for me once we arrived at the hospital and took care of that. They were going to welcome me into their home that night if I had not been kept overnight. They also drove me all the way back home to Chetwynd the next day.

I don't really think I could ever express just how thankful that I am. Duncan finally had enough and had to put me back in line. "Darren, you know I'm really $#*%@^ tired of hearing you say thank you." So instead of saying thank you, I appreciate everything that you and your family have done for me.

I also want to say thank you to my friends at the district of Chetwynd who dropped off a very nice card and a fruit basket. That was a very nice gesture. Thank you.

I'm on my feet and was back at work today for the first time this morning. My back still hurts but it's nothing that I can't handle.

I do have a summary from the Canucks' game that I will post sometime later today in the post titled "Canucks 6 Huskies 2."

Things are getting back to normal and that is a good thing.

Have a good one.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Canucks 6 Huskies 2

Yes there was a hockey game on Saturday night and I'll get to that at a later time when I'm feeling better. Right now my back is killing me.

If you haven't heard by now, I was in a bad car accident on Saturday night. I'm ok, just a few scratches and a sore back. I'm stuck in bed resting so maybe I'll have a little bit of time to post later on when I'm feeling better.

Hope you have a better day than me.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Game Day

What a day it will be.

The morning starts with my advent calendar. Today it's the Chicago Blackhawks.

I'm just sitting down to a breakfast of Corn Flakes and a quick blog post. After that it's in the shower and out the door.

I have to head into the office this morning to do some prep for the day. I will be heading to Dawson Creek early this afternoon and straight to the Encana to set up for the countdown to Jan Arden. Peace FM will be live on location from 6pm -7pm PST.

After setting up, I will head over to the Memorial to gather my pre-game interviews ahead of the Canucks vs Huskies. Then it's back to the Encana for the on-location and immediately following I will race back to the Memorial to call the action for the Dawson Creek Jr Canucks against the Fort St John Huskies.

Time management will be key.

Oh look at the time. Gotta go. I'll try fit in the time to post a game preview for tonight. Key word there: try.

Have a great day!


Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Friday!

I'm flying solo this morning on the "Hit and Miss Morning Show." A few things on the show:
  • If you are looking to see Jan Arden in concert at the Encana tomorrow then listen up. I'll be giving away a pair of tickets this morning on Peace FM.
  • Also the Vault will be open in just a little bit you can listen in for a chance to enter.

Update **

What a morning! So busy that I don't really have a chance to breathe. Morning show is definitely a "Hit" today. Happy Friday.


With it being such a busy morning I'll direct you to Dave Dawson's blog for this week's power rankings. We gotta work together on this stuff. Check out the rankings here.


I'll be on location at the Encana tomorrow from 6-7pm for the Jan Arden pre-concert show. Then it's off to the Memorial for the Canucks and Huskies. Super busy but should be a lot of fun. Stop by and say hi.


Ok, back to the grind.

Have a great Friday!


Thursday, December 11, 2008


What a crappy night. I spent all night with my face in the toilet and got no sleep. This usually happens about once or twice a year. I dread it. Now all day I have to battle hot sweats and cold chills....



I was watching TSN's Off The Record yesterday and Bob Clarke was one of the guests. Bob Clarke is a diabetic and apparently before each game drank a glass of Coke with 3 spoons of sugar and in between periods he drank sweetened juice. All to keep his blood sugar up.

I'd like to see that happen now.

I'll share a little piece from "Brodeur Beyond the Crease":

"After the warmup, I go into the dressing room, take my mask and gloves off, and drink three-quarters of a can of Sprite. That's my drink. Gatorade hurts my stomach, and water just doesn't give me enough of a lift. I'll drink three cans of Sprite a night; one before the game, and one during each of the intermissions."

Again, I wonder how many trainers or nutritionists would recommend that.


It's been a while, but Terell Owens has comments in the news again. Owens was in his locker dressed in a very festive Dallas Cowboys Santa hat along with a red nose. He was ripping Keyshawn Johnson and Emmitt Smith. T.O. was saying how Johnson is jealous of him and doesn't care what all the analysts say about the Cowboys. The kicker? Well that was when he suggested that Keyshawn Johnson and Emmitt Smith get their own show called Dumb and Dumber.


Just got an e-mail from xm105's Dave Dawson. He's the voice of the Whitecourt Wolverines. Dave has started up his very own blog. Check it out here. I'll add it to the list of blogs that I follow on the right hand side of the page.

Here is a snippet of his inaugural post:

"A quick shout out to Darren Dupont, the Voice of the Dawson Creek Junior Canucks of the NWJHL for inspiring me to do this."

Thanks Dave! Glad to help.


Ok, I need to go... feeling a little uneasy.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Blogging

Woke up this morning and remembered to eat today's advent calendar chocolate. I have an NHL advent calendar and today's space was the Calgary Flames. Yesterday it was the New York Rangers.


Speaking of the NHL, the Dallas Stars are expected to meet today to decide on Sean Avery's future with the club. I don't see him playing another game with the club. My suggestion, is that they waive him. If nobody bites, send him to Russia.


Former Lightning coach Barry Melrose sounded off on his former club yesterday on Toronto sports radio the Fan 590. Included in the interview was comments that he was constantly interfered with and he also chatted about Steven Stamkos. The former bench boss said something along the lines that the kid is just not ready for the NHL. Obviously the owners want more control and that just wasn't the way Melrose wanted to coach. Something had to give.


A few more notes from the NHL world:
  • A blog today from Ken Campbell on THN.com says that Brett Hull may be on his way out as GM of the Dallas Stars. This co-GM thing they have going on doesn't appear to be working out and I'm pretty sure the decision to bring in Sean Avery will play a big part.
  • The Mats Sundin sweepstakes continue. Darren Dreger is reporting on TSN.ca that there are four teams that have a shot. They are (in order): 1. Vancouver 2. Chicago 3. Montreal 4. New York Rangers. I think he would be an interesting fit in Chicago. It also seems as though Toronto is right out of the mix and that is fine with me.
  • Ryan Miller is saying that in a 4-3 win over Pittsburgh an official of the game swore at him. It is reported that he asked a question politely and the profanity was then used towards him.
  • Stefan Legion is ready to go. He is set to report to the Columbus Blue Jackets after the holiday season.


What is the deal with all the dumb fighting in hockey these days?

Now, before you jump down my throat, hear me out. I love fighting in hockey. I have always supported it and believe that it is and always will be a part of the game. But you have got to be kidding me. We are seeing people drop the mitts every time somebody throws a body check. It's ridiculous. I understand dropping the gloves when someone takes a liberty on your star player or any teammate for that matter. I understand fighting when there is a cheap shot or a dirty play. I even understand a fight to get your team going. But to fight because your teammate got caught with his head down and was checked?


Take the hit. Be a man and take the hit. Wipe the snot off your face, put your mouth guard back in and get back into the play. Take the guy's number for all I care and give him a big check later on. But don't fight because you or someone on your team took a hard hit.

This all came up watching the Canucks' game last night. A clean check along the boards and instantly the player was jumped and we saw fights. I wasn't impressed and it was a brutal fight to boot.

Anyway, that's my rant for the week.


Power rankings will hopefully be released later in the day. No promises. I will also try to work on my wish list. I am reading more of Martin Brodeur's book each and every day. I've got an interesting story about his pre-game routine to share at a later time too.

Untill then, have a great day!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The program was fairly smooth sailing last night.

Max Fawcett from the Chetwynd Echo joined me on the program last night and we chatted a little bit about local hockey from this past weekend. We also had a chance to talk about Sean Avery and the "sloppy seconds" comment. I think someone will take a chance on him but it just might not be this year. Send him over to Russia to re-assess life. Look at Ray Emery. He is doing good things overseas and it appears and though he will be back in the NHL in the next year or two. The Dallas Stars are expected to decide his future with the club on Wednesday.

The Jr Canucks' Colter McLean joined me at 6:15pm and we chatted for a bit. Later on in the hour we talked to Canucks' president Neil Shuman regarding "Teddy Bear Toss night" at the Memorial on Saturday night. I'll post more on that in the coming days.

Near the top of the hour we were joined by head coach Duncan Redfearn followed by 55 CHET TV's Jacob Zeher and Peace FM midday host Jay talking UFC at 7:05pm. Then at 7:40pm I had a chat with the voice of the Whitecourt Wolverines Dave Dawson from xm105 and we wrapped it up with a little round table discussion that took us to 8:00pm.

All in all it was a pretty good show as we continue to take some big strides forward.


Internet is still a bit wonky here at Peace FM headquarters but at least I'm able to get on and post this morning. I'll work on the weekly power rankings sometime today as well as my wish list. Look for those posts sometime in the coming days.


If you missed the full 11 minute interview with Dave Dawson from xm105 you can hear it re-played on Saturday night. I'll play the interview during the intermission of our Jr Canuck broadcast.


It's a "miss morning" today and I don't feel much like blogging. Once the show's done I'd like to head home to sleep all afternoon.

I'll believe that when it happens.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Blogger Update

Time to check in after a day of no blogging. Internet has been down both at Peace FM headquarters and at home the last couple of days.


We're up and blogging now and hopefully won't run into anymore issues.


I'm listening to "Leafs Lunch" at the moment on am640 in Toronto. The Leafs are going through a tough stretch here and they are talking about how they are getting away from the strong forecheck that made them so successful early in the season. They are not getting the pucks to the net like they were early on.

I mention this because it seems very similar to the Jr Canucks.

The Canucks had gotten away from the hard work that had made them successful early in the season. They found that gear once again at about the 8 minute mark of the first period Friday night. After going down 2-0 to the Sexsmith Vipers, Colter McLean turned things around and the home side dominated the final 50+ minutes en route to a 7-2 victory.

Are the Canucks truly out of this funk? We'll find out on Saturday night.

The Fort St John Huskies will visit the Canucks on Saturday. It will be teddy bear toss night at the Memorial and I understand there will be a chance to win a turkey as well. I'll post more on that later this week when I find out the info.


Sportsline is on the air tonight for the second ever show. I'm still working on lining up some guests but you can be sure to listen in for Canuck talk tonight. We're on the air from 6:05pm PST - 8:00pm PST


I did a little more Christmas shopping over the weekend and I'm almost finished too. I took a few more snapshots for my wish list and will do some photo blogging later today. Hopefully. No guarantees. I'll be busy working on Sportsline today.


I called a pair of novice hockey games on Sunday. It was the Chetwynd ConocoPhillips novice tournament this weekend and I was there for day 2. Chetwynd ended up in the championship game against Grande Prairie but it was the road team winning 6-3 and taking the tournament.

I'll also post some photos from the game as well at some point.


I've got my opinion on the latest Sean Avery incident but I'll save it for Sportsline tonight. Also, we'll talk Canucks and the NWJHL. Should be good. We'll also open up the phone lines and take your calls.


Check ya later,


Friday, December 5, 2008

Canucks 7 Vipers 2

DAWSON CREEK -- The Dawson Creek Jr Canucks snapped their four game losing streak in a big way Friday night by beating the Sexsmith Vipers 7-2.

The Canucks got a pair of goals from both Colter McLean and Jason Higson. Also chipping in with goals was Charles Radke, Ryan Walker and Lorne Weaver.

This was a huge win for the Canucks who, at one time in the hockey game, trailed 2-0 before scoring 7 unanswered goals.

Next up for the Canucks is the Fort St John Huskies on Saturday December 13th at the Memorial.

Canucks vs Vipers Tonight!

Game time tonight is 8:00pm PST at the Memorial Arena. I'll be on the air at 7:45pm PST with the DGS Astro Paving pre-game show.

It should be a great game. Sexsmith has been playing great and the Canucks' really took some good strides in the right direction last night in the overtime loss to Grande Prairie. Dawson Creek will have to find another gear tonight if they want to knock off the hungry Vipers.

Not much of a preview today as most of the day was spent either struggling with the computer or downtown Dawson Creek. I struggled to update Peace FM news and sports today but got it figured out before 1 o'clock. Then I spent the afternoon downtown doing a little Christmas shopping. Guess what? Hardly got anything done. Isn't that the case though? You spend all day doing some shopping but hardly find what you were looking for. Tomorrow's another day.

I did get an opportunity to snap a few more photos for my wish list and I'll post those in the coming days.

It's off to the rink for me. See you at the game!


Wheelers 5 Canucks 4 OT

GRANDE PRAIRIE AB -- The Dawson Creek Jr Canucks were on the road in Grande Prairie and on Thursday night overtime was needed.

It was the fourth meeting between the two clubs and the Cancuks got on the board early. At the 1:00 mark of the opening period Tyson Keen sent a snap shot on goal from the blue line. The Canucks' Lucas McKenzie got a stick on it to deflect it past goaltender Kris Dika and into the back of the net.

Cody Garnett was back between the pipes for the Canucks after missing six games with an injury and the Wheelers got to him in the second. Michael Podruzney put a Jeff McVey pass behind Garnett to tie the game at 1 just under four minutes into the period. And just 1:31 later Grande Prairie had their first lead of the game. Another one-timer from the home squad beat Garnett and the score was 2-1.

Before the period was out, Dawson Creek had tied the hockey game. On the power play, defenceman Trevor Dahlen let the shot go and the rebound came right to the waiting stick of Ryan Walker who buried the puck past Dika.

The visitors regaind the lead in the third. Carl Dahlen finished off a great second effort play scoring on his own rebound while driving to the net and it was 3-2 for the Canucks. The lead lasted until the 14:07 mark of the third. With the Wheelers on the power play Nick Fitzpatrick jammed a rebound into the Canuck goal and that set the stage for overtime.

Dawson Creek had the first opportunity but on the transition the Wheelers took advantage. McVey won the race to a loose puck in the Canucks' zone and found Cory Litman in front who put a move on Garnett and slid the game winning goal into the back of the net just 39 seconds into the extra frame.

Special teams weren't as big of a factor as in games prior. The Canucks went 1 for 6 on the power play while the Wheelers were 1 for 7.

Brass Scissors three stars: 1) Jeff McVey 2) Lucas McKenzie 3) Gerritt Lacey

The loss is the fourth straight for the Canucks but head coach Duncan Redfearn feels that there were positives shown on Thursday.

"We saw a lot of good things that we haven't been doing in the last couple of weeks tonight. To take positives out of the game, our defensive zone (play and) goals against was the lowest it's been in the last three games so we're happy with that. It's a step in the right direction. We took a point out of the game tonight. Of course you'd like to take the other point in an overtime win or a shoot out but it's a step in the right direction and we'll build off the positive things tonight and look forward to tomorrow night."

The Canucks (11-6-2) will return home to face the Sexsmith Vipers (3-13-0) at the Memorial arena. Peace FM will be on the air with all the action starting with the pre-game show at 7:45pm PST and the play-by-play at 8:00pm PST.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

NWJHL Power Rankings

1. Whitecourt Wolverines (15-2-0) (LW: 1)
2. Fort St John Huskies (13-6-1) (LW: 2)
3. Peace River Navigators (12-6-1) (LW: 3)
4. Grande Prairie Wheelers (8-7-2) (LW: 4)
5. Sexsmith Vipers (3-13-0) (LW: 6)
6. Dawson Creek Canucks (11-6-1) (LW: 5)
7. Beaverlodge Blades (6-10-2) (LW: 7)
8. Slave Lake Wolves (5-15-1) (LW: 8)

-Compiled from members of the NWJHL media-

Just a few observations:

  • Sexsmith has been in every game they have played and are one of the hottest teams in the league and playing well. Should be a great game with the Canucks on Friday.
  • PR vs FSJ Friday night should be a great game. PR would be #2 if it were not for the loss to Beaverlodge.
  • There has been some talk lately about the ranking of Sexsmith. How can a team with 3 wins be ranked in 5th? This isn't the league standings and they are one of the hottest teams at the moment and deserve there spot. A bad week and they will fall fast though.
  • I had one question submitted to me. "Would the real Slave Lake please stand up, please stand up, please stand up?"

Have a great weekend watching the NWJHL.

Milestone Reached!

The blog has just reached 2,500 views! Thanks for reading.


Thursday blogging

I took yesterday off from blogging so let's take this time to catch up.

This past Saturday I headed for Dawson Creek early to do a little Christmas shopping and it is already getting crazy. I like shopping around Christmas time. Everything is decorated, people are in good moods, and I like Christmas music too. I couldn't believe it. It wasn't quite December yet and the stores were already packed. I love it!

When you are out Christmas shopping to you always see the gifts that you want for yourself? It happened to me. So I decided to snap some photo's for my wish list this year.

Sports books are a GREAT gift idea for any sports lover in the family. I see a couple Habs books that my dad might like.

"Sports Night." I have never been able to find this DVD set anywhere. Wal-Mart... snap it up quick!

A couple great options. "24 Redemption" was fantastic. Sidney Crosby's flick looks great as well.

I'll do a little more photo blogging this next couple of days from Dawson Creek as I do some more Christmas shopping. I'll talk a little more about great sport books and dvd's that you could get that special someone on your list. I'm working my way through Martin Brodeur's book. I got it as a gift last Christmas and haven't gotten much read. For some reason it's just hard to find the time but this weekend I am going to sit down and get some serious time in and get a good chunk of it read. So far it's a great read.


Team Canada announced the roster that will be participating in the selection camp ahead of this years World Jr Hockey Championship. PG Cougars Dana Tyrell will attend camp. Tyrell leads the Cougars with 18 goals and 17 assists in 27 games.


I don't know what to make of Sean Avery's latest antics. "Sloppy seconds?" By the sounds of things, he has played his last game for the Dallas Stars. James Duthie has a pretty good suggestion on his blog over at www.tsn.ca. He, and some of Avery's teammates suggest that he should be sent down and since Dallas doesn't have an AHL affiliate, they suggest sending Sean overseas. We'll definitely bring this up on Sportsline on Monday and give you a chance to voice your opinion.


Who will be between the pipes tonight when the Canucks visit Grande Prairie? I'm hearing that Cody Garnett was hoping to return tonight or possibly tomorrow but I can't see it. If he's ready to go and the injury won't bother him then by all means let him play. I imagine it will be Tyson York in goal and that is fine with me.


I've gotten feedback from the NWJHL media and your power rankings are coming later on today. I'll also try to put together a game preview for tonight's contest between the Canucks and Wheelers.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sportsline A Huge Success!

Sportsline hit the airwaves for the inaugural show last night and for the most part it was smooth sailing.

Max Fawcett sat in for the first 15 minutes and chatted about some local sports. Canucks' coach Duncan Redfearn was live via telephone at 6:15pm followed by local MLA Blair Lekstrom at 6:30pm. Jacob Zehr from 55 CHET TV and Peace FM midday host Jay were on at 7:05pm to chat UFC and then we wrapped up the two hour show with a little round table talk before 8pm.

All-in-all I think it was a success. What did you think? Feel free to post your thoughts on Sportsline in the comments section at the bottom of the post.

I can't wait to get some momentum with the show and we can start taking some calls and getting your comments on the air.

Thanks for listening!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Photo Blogging // Sportsline tonight!

A very quiet an empty Memorial just an couple hours prior to the Canucks/Vipers.

A Quick shot of the Christmas tree at the Memorial Arena taken from my phone prior to the Canucks/Vipers.

Sportsline kicks off tonight on Peace FM. Listen live at 94.5/104.1 or http://www.peacefm.ca/. Max Fawcett will join me for the first half hour to chat local sports before he has to take off for the lighting tonight in Chetwynd. Jay from Peace FM midday's an 55 CHET TV producer Jacob Zeher will be on at 7:05pm to chat UFC. We'll also open the phone lines and give you a chance to voice your opinions and ask questions.
We'll spend a real good portion of the show talking Jr Canucks and the first half of the season.
I've just confirmed that Peace River South MLA Blair Lekstrom will join us tonight at 6:30pm. We'll chat about the Olympic touch running through Chetwynd and Dawson Creek.
Also confirmed last minute that head coach of the Dawson Creek Jr Canucks will join me live at 6:15pm to chat about the first half of the NWJHL season.
Enjoy the show!