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Drew George headed to Weyburn

The following is from who broke the trade late yesterday.

----- has learned that the Weyburn Red Wings and Cowichan Valley Capitals have worked out a trade for disgruntled winger Drew George of Regina.

Red Wings Director of Player Personnel Ron Rumball told me this morning that the paperwork has been filed, and all that's needed now is the players' approval.

The Regina Pats had been vigorously pursuing George, however he was reluctant to give up his NCAA eligibility.


With the SJHL, understandably, having a roster freeze over the holidays, a deal won't be made official until the new year.

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13 rules for hockey parents

This is recycled from the blog Mitchell Blair and something I'll try to live by if I ever become a hockey dad.


ESPN's John Buccigross has come up with 13 rules for hockey parents. Rules that even though I don't have a child in hockey, I totally agree with. Take a read.

1. Under no circumstances will hockey practice ever be cancelled. Ever. Even on days when school is cancelled, practice is still on. A game may be cancelled due to inclement weather because of travel concerns for the visiting team, but it would have to rain razor blades and bocce balls to cancel hockey practice at your local rink. It's good karma to respect the game.

2. Hockey is an emotional game and your child has the attention span of a chipmunk on NyQuil. The hockey coach will yell a bit during practice; he might even yell at your precious little Sparky. As long as there is teaching involved and not humiliation, it will be good for your child to be taught the right way, with emphasis.

3. Hockey is a very, very, very, very difficult game to play. You are probably terrible at it. It takes high skill and lots of courage, so lay off your kid. Don't berate them. Be patient and encourage them to play. Some kids need more time to learn how to ride the bike, but, in the end, everyone rides a bike about the same way.
Your kids are probably anywhere from age 4-8 when they first take up hockey. They will not get a call from Boston University coach Jack Parker or receive Christmas cards from the Colorado Avalanche's director of scouting. Don't berate them. Demand punctuality and unselfishness for practice and games. That's it. Passion is in someone, or it isn't. One can't implant passion in their child. My primary motive in letting my kids play hockey is exercise, physical fitness and the development of lower-body and core strength that will one day land them on a VH1 reality show that will pay off their student loans or my second mortgage.

4. Actually, I do demand two things from my 10-year-old Squirt, Jackson. Prior to every practice or game, as he turns down AC/DC's "Big Jack," gets out of the car and makes his way to the trunk to haul his hockey bag inside a cold, Connecticut rink, I say, "Jack, be the hardest, most creative and grittiest worker ... and be the one having the most fun." That might be four things, but you know what I mean.

5. Your kids should be dressing themselves and tying their own skates by their second year of Squirt. Jack is 67 pounds with 0 percent body fat and arms of linguini, and he can put on, take off and tie his own skates. If he can, anyone can. I don't go in the locker room anymore. Thank goodness; it stinks in there.

6. Do not fret over penalties not called during games and don't waste long-term heart power screaming at the referees. My observational research reveals the power-play percentage for every Mite hockey game ever played is .0000089 percent; for Squirts, .071 percent. I prefer referees to call zero penalties.

7. Yell like crazy during the game. Say whatever you want. Scream every kind of inane instruction you want to your kids. They can't hear you. In the car ride home, ask them if they had fun and gently promote creativity and competiveness, but only after you take them to Denny's for a Junior Grand Slam breakfast or 7-Eleven for a Slurpee. Having a warm breakfast after an early morning weekend game will become one of your most syrupy sweet memories.

8. Whenever possible, trade in your kids' ice skates and buy used skates, especially during those growing years and even if you can afford to buy new skates every six months. Your kids don't need $180 skates and a $100 stick no matter what your tax bracket is. They will not make them better players.

9. Missing practice (like we stated above) or games is akin to an Irish Catholic missing Mass in 1942. We take attendance at hockey games very seriously. Last week, the Islanders' Brendan Witt was hit by an SUV in Philadelphia. Witt got up off the pavement and walked to Starbucks for a coffee, and then later played against the Flyers that night. Let me repeat that: BRENDAN WITT WAS HIT BY AN SUV ... AND PLAYED THAT NIGHT! Re-read that sentence 56 times a night to your child when they have a case of the sniffles and want to stay home to watch an "iCarly" marathon. By, the way Philadelphia police cited Witt for two minutes in jail for obstruction. Witt will appeal.

10. Teach your kids not to celebrate too much after a goal if your team is winning or losing by a lot. And by all means, tell them celebrate with the team. After they score, tell them not to skate away from their teammates like soccer players. Find the person who passed you the puck and tell him or her, "Great pass." We have immediate group hugs in hockey following a short, instinctive reaction from the goal scorer. I am proud of my boy for a lot of things, but I am most proud at how excited he gets when a teammate scores a goal. He is Alex Ovechkin in this regard.

11. There is no such thing as running up the score in hockey. This is understood at every level. It's very difficult to score goals and unexplainably exhilarating when one does. Now, if we get to 14-1, we may want to take our foot off the gas a tad.

12. Unless their femur is broken in 16 places, Mites or Squirts should not lie on the ice after a fall on the ice or against the boards. Attempt to get up as quickly as one can and slowly skate to the bench.

13. Do not offer cash for goals. This has no upside. Passion and love and drive cannot be taught or bought. I do believe a certain measure of toughness and grit can be slowly encouraged and eventually taught. Encourage your kid to block shots and to battle hard in the corners. It will serve them well in life.

Enjoy the rink. Keep it fun, keep it in perspective and enjoy the madness. In this digital world of electronics, you may find hockey to be the most human endeavor you partake in. Cell phones run on batteries. Hockey players run on blood. Blood is warmer. Welcome.

Klippers 2 Broncos 1 S.O.

It was a goaltenders dual at the EPA last night as Josh Thorimbert and Kirk Croswell combined for 69 saves including 13 in the shootout.

The first period saw all the scoring with Justin Buzzeo scoring for Humboldt and Kurt Leedahl replying for the Jr. K's. The goaltenders shut the door the rest of the way and a shootout was needed.

In the shootout it took Jesse Mysiorek, the thirteenth shooter, to end the game beating Croswell to seal the victory for Kindersley. Kindersley out shot the Broncos 41-30.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Game night: Humboldt

The Klippers visit the EPA tonight to battle the Humboldt Broncos. Game time is 7:30pm and the game will be available on Classic Hits Radio with Kris Hussey. You can listen online through

After winning 6 of 7 to end November the Broncos have had a lackluster December winning once in five tries. The Klippers, on the other hand, will be looking for their third straight victory and are coming off an impressive 5-3 win over Weyburn on Saturday.

After tonight the Klippers will host the Flin Flon Bombers for a pair of games Friday and Saturday night to end the calendar year.

Drew George update

Voice of the Weyburn Red Wings Kevin Smith had a chat with Wings GM Ron Rumball during the first intermission of the Weyburn/Yorkton game last night on AM1190. Among the discussion was the recent Drew George rumours.

For those that are unaware of the situation, the 1991 born George was traded within the BCHL from Vernon to Cowichan Valley but has chosen not to report. The Regina native has been highly sought after by his hometown Regina Pats in the WHL but will not sign as he doesn't want to ruin his NCAA eligibility. The word going around is that he is hoping to get a deal closer to home in the SJHL.

Well last night on the AM1190 broadcast play-by-play voice of the Wings Kevin Smith chatted with Rumball who revealed that a deal is on the table with Cowichan Vally and they are waiting to hear back.

There has been some talk that if the Wings can't reach a deal George could end up in La Ronge via a trade. I'd like to see him in Kindersley with young talent like Duzan, Dommett, King and Thorimbert.

So now we just sit and wait.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Klippers 5 Wings 3

Huge win for the Jr. K's over the conference leading Weyburn Red Wings. The team is gaining some momentum as they get set for Humboldt on Wednesday.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Klippers fall to third after disasterous weekend


The Clarion

Bright spots were few and far between for the Kindersley Klippers on their weekend road trip.

The SJHL club lost games in Weyburn and Estevan, including a 6-0 shellacking against the Bruins on Saturday, and they lost a veteran in the process.

Defenceman Justin Perreaux, 20, has left the team after an apparent confrontation with head coach Larry Wintoneak after Friday’s game against the Red Wings.

“It came to a head in Weyburn at the end of the game. We had a discussion and you could see we weren’t focused the next night,” Wintoneak said on Monday.

“We addressed it, it’s over with, we move on. One player left the team because of it ... (Perreaux) came in the office and said it was time for him to part ways.”

Despite the abrupt departure, Wintoneak said he has no hard feelings toward Perreaux and wishes him well.

The team was attempting to trade the blueliner outside the league as of Monday, possibly closer to his home in Brandon.

Wintoneak said he wasn’t satisfied with Perreaux’s play this season as one of the few 20-year-olds on the team, and it’s a valid criticism. Perreaux had shown little to no improvement in his own end and untimely giveaways and penalties had hurt the team on several occasions.

“He’s got some experience, but has he played like a 20-year-old? Has he been a top guy? To be honest with you, no, he hasn’t,” said the coach. “He was in our top four, yeah, but it’ll give an opportunity for someone else to step up.”

Sean Flanagan will likely assume Perreaux’s role on a pairing with Steven Turner.

The incident may have stemmed in part from Weyburn’s third goal in the 4-2 win on Friday, scored by Shawn Cowie, which came with 2:24 remaining and stood up as the winner. Three 20-year-olds - Perreaux, Turner and Jordan Braid - were on the ice at the time.

“We put that onus (to be top players and leaders) on our 20-year-olds and we had three on the ice when Weyburn scored that goal,” Wintoneak said. “We were disappointed in how that goal was scored.”

Perreaux could not be reached for comment.

Taylor Duzan and Kevin Clark had scored in the second period to erase a 2-0 deficit on goals by Weyburn’s Tyler Penny and Rhett Bly in the opening frame.

Brennan Wrigley scored an empty-netter with 10 seconds left to put it away for the Wings.

The Klippers were outshot 35-22 on the night.

Newly acquired forward Tanner Exner did not play after injuring his shoulder and will miss at least a week of action.

Wintoneak said the ending to Friday’s game and the Perreaux situation affected team morale in Estevan the next night.

One spectator called it “one of the poorest efforts of a Klipper team in years.”

The Bruins scored twice in each period. Tyler Spencer netted two goals and Kyle Johnson, Chad Filteau, Ty Ariss and Jeremy Peeke also scored.

Despite the lopsided score, the shots were close with a 33-30 edge to Estevan. Ryan Benn was a healthy scratch.

The Klippers (16-12-1-2) have been overtaken by the Notre Dame Hounds for second place in the Sherwood Conference. The Hounds are two points ahead with two games in hand.

Kindersley heads back on the road this week, playing last night in Nipawin and tonight in La Ronge. They return home on Saturday for another tilt against Weyburn. Game time is 7 p.m.

“There’s a lot of ups and downs in junior hockey and we’re going through tough times right now,” said Wintoneak.

“I think we’ll see a different hockey team over the next three games. I’d probably guarantee it.”

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hawks pick up win over Klippers

Posted By Melissa Mangelsen/Nipawin Journal

The Nipawin Hawks were in action at The Cage last night to face off against the Kindersley Klippers. With the team undergoing a facelift, the new Hawks team took to the ice looking for a win at home and they did just that, picking up the 6-2 dominating win over the Klippers.

It was the Klippers who found the back of the net first, scoring about three minutes into the game, but the Hawks answered back about a minute later when newcomer David Skagen gave the Hawks the 1-1 tie. His goal was assisted by Patrick Howey and Jeff Lorenz.

The Hawks took the 2-1 lead with 15 minutes played with Lorenz notching a goal assisted by Skagen and Jonathan Ceci on the power play. With two minutes left of the first period the Hawks took the 3-1 lead with a goal from Alexandre Leclerc, assisted by Matthew Spafford and Tanner Dusyk.

The Klippers picked up the lone goal of the second period to cut the Hawks lead to two, and giving themselves a chance to work their way back into the game in the third period.

With the 3-2 lead going into the third the Hawks weren't willing to take any chances, they netted their fourth of the game midway through the period with a goal from Leclerc on the power play, assisted by Spafford. Ceci scored for the Hawks assisted by Skagen to give them the 5-2 lead and Lorenz picked up the sixth goal for the Hawks, assisted by Ceci and Skagen.

Ryan Kerpan was backstopping for the Hawks, turning aside 34 shots he faced to help the Hawks to victory.

The first star of the game was Skagen who picked up one goal and three assists on the night. Second star was Lorenz who had two goals and one assist and the third star went to Ceci who had one goal and two assists.

The Hawks remain last in the Bauer Conference with a record of 30-13-14-3 and 29 points. They're currently four points behind the Melfort Mustangs. They currently sit eleventh in the 12-man league.

The Hawks will be back in action Dec. 11 at The Cage, facing off against the Estevan Bruins, who are the only team under the Hawks with 26 points. Game time will be at 7:30.

Monday, December 7, 2009

SJHL trade rumour heats up

The situation with Regina born Drew George is getting interesting.

As was mentioned last week on the blog, George, who was dealt from Vernon to Cowichan Valley of the BCHL has decided not to report and is back home in Regina awaiting a trade. He has skated with the Regina Pats of the WHL and they badly want him to sign a WHL contract and play with his hometown team.

However, George wants to retain his NCAA eligibility and won't sign a contract. From the blog of Regina Pats' voice Rod Pedersen this morning:

For those who don't know of Drew, well, in a Pats uniform at practice last week he, Jordan Eberle and Jordan Weal looked like a set of triplets.

Pedersen is reporting that the Weyburn Red Wings are trying to work out a deal with Cowichan Valley but if they don't, rumour is that he could be headed to the La Ronge Ice Wolves via a trade.

It seems as though this is a day to day thing and something could go down anytime.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Game night: Estevan

The Kindersley Klippers will try to snap a mini 2 game losing streak tonight when they visit the Estevan Bruins. Game time is 7:30pm and available on Classic Hits radio via

Road Woes

The Klippers are 1-1-1 after three games in their current six game road swing albeit they do have a couple days of practice back home before wrapping up the trip in Nipawin and La Ronge on Tuesday and Wednesday. While the team dominates at home with a record of 11-3-1 they are only 5-8-2 on the road this season.


Andrew Dommett continues his strong play as of late. The SJHL's player of the month has 13 goals in his last 10 games. He also picked up 3 goals in the Klippers only meeting with the Bruins, a game in which they won 4-0.

Taylor Duzan is playing some good hockey as of late as well and has a 4 game goal scoring streak to show for it.

Dec. 1st

The Klippers made a goaltender swap. Josh Baker went to the SIJHL while Scott Hellyer was brought in from the MJHL. Both deals were for future considerations.

The Estevan Bruins were much busier at deadline time and acquired a superstar in the process. The Bruins dealt '90 Brody Haygarth to the Flin Flon Bombers for the SJHL's #2 ranked scorer in Devin Mitzner. The Bruins also acquired 1991 D Brett Rock from Melfort for '89 F Brant Harris. '89 F Anthony Collins was sent to Winkler in the MJHL for '90 F Joel Becker. The Bruins went even younger by sending '89 D Davis Brown to Weyburn for '90 F Kyle Johnson.

Basement Dwellers

The Bruins have been in the basement of the Sherwood Conference all season and can see the light. They are just 2 points back of Melville although the Mills have 3 games in hand. Estevan will need to turn things around as they have just 2 wins in their last 8 games.


Listen online with Kris Hussey tonight by using the link on or tuning in to 1330/1210. I'll post scoring updates as well at

Thursday, December 3, 2009

SJHL trade rumour

Drew George is apparently on his way to the SJHL.

The following was taken earlier today from the blog of Regina Pats' voice Rod Pedersen:

The Regina product and Telus Cup champ from the Notre Dame Hounds was at practice with the Pats Wednesday. He's in limbo after electing not to report to Cowichan Valley after his recent BCHL trade from Vernon.

Team officials tell me George isn't expected to play in this weekend's home games (Saturday against Brandon and Sunday against P.A.), however they're hopeful they can convince him to. For now, he's just practicing with his hometown team.

The '91 born George has 17 points (10g 7a) in 24 games in the BCHL.

Though he continues to practise with the Pats today, Pedersen did a 1 on 1 interview where he said he won't be playing in this weekend's games because he doesn't want to ruin his NCAA eligibility.

Talks are said to be ongoing to get a deal worked out with a team in the SJHL. One could speculate that it could be Weyburn (leading the conference) or Notre Dame (where George played midget hockey) which are both close to Regina.

Being a '91 with loads of upside, I would seem him fitting in really well in Kindersley. This team, as I mentioned earlier, is loaded with young talent and the future looks bright for the next few years.

We'll find our more as the days progress. He won't want to be out of game action for long.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nominate your coach today

Think your coach deserves this award? Nominate your coach today for the Chunky Most Valuable Coach.

The winning coach will receive $25,000 in prizing for their athletes and community. Nominations will be accepted until January 6th. Full details are available at

Kindersley Kobras fooball coach Al Neufeld has already been nominated for his hard work and dedications. You can find him listed under nominees. While you browse, is there anyone else who has been nominated from the area?

New goalie?

1990 born goaltender Scott Hellyer is listed on the Klippers' roster at

A little searching shows that he comes from the Winkler Flyers of the MJHL. He played 458 minutes with a record of 1-4-1 a 485 GAA and a Sv % of 0.875.

Seems as though Thorimbert will carry the mail through the second half of the season.


An interesting observation while browsing the Klipper roster just now: the team has just two 20 year old forwards and only four 20 year olds in total. This team will continue to be scary good for the foreseeable future.

Klipper deal coming soon is reporting that there are a few deals that still need to be announced from Tuesday's deadline. The deal is that no trade can be formally announced until all players are notified. It makes sense.

The Klippers traded G Josh Baker and there is one more deal involving the Klippers that still has not been announced. It is thought to be for a veteran goaltender.

Details when it is announced.

Klippers shuffle goaltenders

The Kindersley Klippers were somewhat active on the trade front at the December 1st deadline. The Klippers dealt 1989 born goaltender Joshua Baker to the Dryden Ice Dogs of the SIJHL for future considerations.

In a separate deal for futures, the Klippers acquired a veteran netminder from out of province who's name has not been released at this time. I'll try to get more details in the morning.

For a full list of the days activity check out the transactions tab on or check out

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It's cutdown day in junior hockey as teams try to free up a few cards. Each team must be down to 25 cards but most teams will want to keep a card or two open so that they can make a move at the January 10th deadline.

The biggest move of the day involves the SJHL's 2nd leading scorer.

F Devin Mitzner ('90) has been traded from the Bombers to the Bruins for F Brody Haygarth ('90). Mitzner has put up 38 points (23g 15a) thus far while Haygarth has put up 27 points (13g 14a).

I don't really understand this deal from the Bombers perspective. They are the top team in the Bauer Conference and, before this trade, boasted the leagues top 2 leading scorers. Did Mitzner not like playing or living in Flin Flon? We'll see if something comes out in the coming days.

Prospects roster announced

The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League has placed four players on the Canada West squad that will play in the CJHL Top Prospects Game, which takes place December 7-9 in Winkler, Manitoba.

1992 F Trevor Cameron (Mission BC) of the Notre Dame Hounds, 1991 Clarke Breitkreuz (Springside SK) of the Yorkton Terriers, 1991 D Lee Christensen (Winnipeg MB) of the Melfort Mustangs, and 1991 F Andrew Johnston (Saskatoon SK) of the Flin Flon Bombers have been selected as part of a twenty man roster that will suit up against the top prospects from Canada East.

The Klippers' Josh Thorimbert has been left off the roster for the prospects game. Thorimbert was the Klippers' best shot at making the roster and in this blogger's opinion should have.

I understand Pentiction Vees goaltender Sean Bonar making the squad. He has a 12-4-0 record with 2 shutouts a 2.51 GAA and a Sv % of 0.916.

Canmore Eagles goaltender Sam Brittain is the other goaltender and I'm not so convinced. Brittain has a 13-9-2 record with 1 shutout, a GAA of 3.05 and a 0.905 Sv %. Very good numbers but I'd go with Thorimbert.

Josh has a 13-5-1 record with one shutout, a 2.83 GAA and a 0.912 Sv %. I think it's a shame that the young Klippers' netminder will not be in the game. I hope this does not affect the young goaltender and he continues to play the amazing hockey he has so far with the Jr. K's. If he does, he has a very bright future in this game.