Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Huskies #3 in CIS

OTTAWA (CIS) – Nine months after reaching the Vanier Cup final for the first time since 1995, the Calgary Dinos lead the first Football Reporters of Canada – CIS national poll of the new season.

The reigning two-time Canada West champion Dinos received 21 first-place nods and 261 points from the 32 FRC voters to earn their first No. 1 ranking in 17 years, dating back to consecutive weeks at the top on Sept. 14 and Sept. 21, 1993.

Calgary, which lost 33-31 to the Queen’s Gaels in last year’s national title match in Quebec City, barely edged the seven-time defending Quebec champion Laval Rouge et Or in the inaugural Top 10 of 2010.

The Rouge et Or, who had opened the last five campaigns at No. 1, received 10 first-place votes and 258 points from FRC members. Prior to Calgary, the last team other than Laval to open at No. 1 was Saint Mary’s in 2004.

The Saskatchewan Huskies earned the remaining first-place nod and go into the season at No. 3 thanks to 111 points. Rounding out the first Top 10 of the fall are Saint Mary’s (66), Ottawa (58), Wilfrid Laurier (50), Montreal (45), Vanier Cup champion Queen’s (37), Western (33) and McMaster (32).

Queen’s lost many star players following its 2009 triumph including quarterback Danny Brannagan, the reigning Vanier Cup MVP, defensive lineman Shomari Williams, the first overall pick in the 2010 CFL Canadian Draft, as well as receiver Scott Valberg and cornerback and kick returner Jimmy Allin, both first-team all-Canadians a year ago.

The CIS season kicks off Tuesday night with Queen’s opening its Vanier Cup title defence at McMaster and Ottawa visiting Windsor.

No. 1 Calgary: 7-1 regular season record and 10-2 overall record in 2009... Lost 33-31 to Queen’s in 2009 Vanier Cup final... Beat Alberta 20-16 in 2010 pre-season (Aug. 28)... Open 2010 regular season at home vs. No. 3 Saskatchewan on Sept. 4 (7 p.m. Mountain Time, Shaw TV)...

No. 2 Laval: 7-1 regular season record and 9-2 overall record in 2009... Lost 33-30 to Queen’s in 2009 Mitchell Bowl... Beat York 76-0 in 2010 pre-season (Aug. 29)... Open 2010 regular season at home vs. McGill on Sept. 5 (2 p.m., SRC)...

No. 3 Saskatchewan: 7-1 regular season record and 8-2 overall record in 2009... Lost 39-38 to Calgary in 2009 Canada West final... Beat No. 9 Western 40-12 in 2010 pre-season (Aug. 27)... Open 2010 regular season at No. 1 Calgary on Sept. 4 (7 p.m. Mountain Time, Shaw TV)...

No. 4 Saint Mary’s: 7-1 regular season record and 8-2 overall record in 2009... Lost 38-14 to Calgary in 2009 Uteck Bowl... Open 2010 regular season at Acadia on Sept. 11 (2 p.m. Atlantic Time, EastLink)...

No. 5 Ottawa: 6-2 regular season record and 6-3 overall record in 2009... Lost 27-15 to McMaster in 2009 OUA quarter-finals... Lost 41-0 to Sherbrooke in 2010 pre-season (Aug. 26)... Open 2010 regular season at Windsor on Aug. 31 (7 p.m., Windsor: TVCogeco Local 11 live / Ottawa: Rogers TV Cable 22 tape delayed to 8 p.m.)...

No. 6 Laurier: 6-2 regular season record and 6-3 overall record in 2009... Lost 26-16 to Western in 2009 OUA semifinals... Open 2010 regular season at No. 9 Western on Sept. 1 (7 p.m., Rogers TV Cable 13)...

No. 7 Montreal: 5-3 regular season record and 6-4 overall record in 2009... Lost 31-7 to Laval in 2009 QUFL final... Open 2010 regular season at home vs. Sherbrooke on Sept. 2...

No. 8 Queen’s: 7-1 regular season record and 11-1 overall record in 2009... Beat Calgary 33-31 in 2009 Vanier Cup final... Open 2010 regular season at No. 10 McMaster on Aug. 31 (7 p.m., Cable 14)...

No. 9 Western: 6-2 regular season record and 8-3 overall record in 2009... Lost 43-39 to Queen’s in 2009 OUA final... Lost 40-12 to No. 3 Saskatchewan in 2010 pre-season (Aug. 27)... Open 2010 regular season at home vs. No. 6 Laurier on Sept. 1 (7 p.m., Rogers TV Cable 13)...

No. 10 McMaster: 6-2 regular season record and 7-3 overall record in 2009... Lost 32-6 to Queen’s in 2009 OUA semifinals... Open 2010 regular season at home vs. No. 8 Queen’s on Aug. 31 (7 p.m., Cable 14)...

Good news for Huskies RB

U of S Huskies running back Dathan Thomas received some good news on his injured leg. Thomas broke his leg early in training camp after spending all of last season and half of the year before on the sidelines with a serious knee injury.

This report comes via the Huskie Outsider which is linked on my blog list on the left hand side of this page.

Dathan Thomas received some great news after getting his leg x-rayed yesterday. He will not require surgery and the running back should be back on the field after the bye week.

There was also some injury news at the QB spot:

Quarterback Parker Siemens was injured in Friday night’s game and will be out about 10 days which means that Trent Petersen will be the number two quarterback for the next few games.

The Huskies are on the field tonight for practise at 5:00pm getting set for Friday's tilt with the number 1 ranked Calgary Dinos.


I was up waaaay to late last night doing some thinking and day dreaming and I'm paying for it this morning.

I love day dreaming and just letting my mind go for an hour or two. The ideas just race on anything and everything. I just need to record all the thoughts because before you know it they're gone and for the life of me it's impossible to remember down the line.


So it turns out that what I thought would be a season back in the broadcast booth at the rink is turning into just a couple of games. The Huskies are obligated to webcast basketball first and thus Huskies hockey is getting the bump on more than one occasion. There is just a handful of games that will be webcast and it looks like my schedule will only work for 2 of them.

So much for getting excited. I was beginning to get pretty pumped up to get back in the booth. Oh well, those will be the best two games of the season. Mark my words.


Still working on determining what my role will be with Huskie Central as well. The show began taping over a week ago but with so little going on at this point there isn't a huge demand for reporters and stories. While the show may be a little slow out of the gate for myself I will do my best to keep you up to date the best I can.


SJHL fans still coming to this corner of the web should check out the new blog of Clarion Sports reporter Josh Lewis. The Klipper Report is a dandy and I've linked it to my blog list. Josh is doing some wonderful things... if there was a sponsor in Kindersley (and I know there are a few who could step up) Josh would be a perfect host for "Klippers' TV".

I know there is no such thing but wouldn't it be something? Imagine the video you'd have at the end of the year with highlights and such. If the team ever made a run like they did a few years back the video and coverage of that journey would be first class. Just a thought and a suggestion.


Ok, go get em!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday morning

Welcome to the start of another week and this one's jam packed. I'll do my best and try to cover everything this morning.

My summer with the Saskatchewan Golf Association is coming to a close but by no means has it slowed down. The SGI CANADA Junior Order of Merit Tour Championship takes place this week in Regina. The two day event happens Wednesday at the Deer Valley Golf & Estates and Thursday at the Royal Regina Golf Club.

At this point it looks like my last day here will be Friday the 27th but another week could happen too.


Speaking of new gigs, Swift Current Broncos play-by-play voice Jon Keen is moving out west. Keen announced last week that he has taken the play-by-play job with the WHL's Kamloops Blazers.

This move will open the door for someone to slide into Jon's chair in Swift and I'm sure many Jr. A guys will be chomping at the bit to take the next step. In my mind I don't think there's anyone more deserving than GX94's Craig Stein. Stein is the voice of the (stay with me now) SJHL's Yorkton Terries and Melville Millionares as well as the MJHL's Swan Valley Stampeders and WayWay Wolverines. Adding to that he tries to fit in some senior and minor hockey games in throughout the season. He's top notch and has my vote for the position.


It's a week full of new gigs and this time I've got one to share with you.

Huskies Central is entering its second season covering Huskie Athletics and this year I've signed on as a reporter. The show began taping last week but due to prior commitments I have not been able to take part yet. With my time at the Saskatchewan Golf Association coming to a close I will begin work with Huskies Central shortly.

Another new gig to share with you during this exciting week. This winter I'll be back in the booth and back in the rink. I've signed on to be the voice of the University of Saskatchewan Huskies men's hockey team. In the position I will be calling home games only and they will all be available through webcast. You can find the webcasts through http://huskies.usask.ca/.


I told you it was a busy week didn't I? On Friday the Huskies football team open the pre-season at home and I'll be there. You can check back for updates here or follow me on Twitter for up to the minute updates anytime throughout the season.

So with the prior announcments out of the way you can expect to find a lot more news on Huskie athletics on the blog. It's definetly an exciting time to be a fan of the Dawgs.


SaskGridiron.com will still be a top priority of mine throughout the year and it all begins in less than 2 weeks. I'm very excited for the season and this year we are going to be tracking individual player statistics. I'm really excited but don't want to say too much yet. There are still a couple of details being worked on this week and I will hopefully be announcing them in the near future.


A final note with SaskGridiron.com. An e-mail I received last week from Access 7 Sports indicates that they are excited to be a part of high school football this season. They will be broadcasting the provincial semi-finals and provincial championshp on Access 7 Sports and we will carry the games live on SaskGridiron.com.


I'm still without my BlackBerry Storm. I've been phoneless for too long now. My new screen should be in the mail and arriving any day now. When that happens expect my updates here and on Twitter to take off.


Driving into work yesterday three different people were texting and driving. Another two were talking on their phone and two more were on their phone with headsets in the ears. Is this still happening? It was Sunday and they made up the majority of the vehicles on the road. Do YOU still use the phone when behind the wheel? I'll admit that I've answered a call or two while at a red light but as soon as the light turns green I'm ending that call. Is that OK?


Ok, that's all I've got for now. Enjoy the week!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Good morning

The summer is flying by and it's hard to believe that high-school football season is right around the corner. Teams will be back on the field before we know it.

I've taken quite a bit of time away from social media this summer and it's been great but it's time to get back at it. I'll make the transition back into the game. It may be slow going but I'll get there and this is the beginning.


Let's quickly touch base with what's been going on so far this summer:

- I'm spending time this summer working with the Saskatchewan Golf Association as a tournament intern. It's been great so far. All but one week of July was spent on the road at the various provincial championships put on by the SGA. Now, it's full tilt in the office preparing for the SGI CANADA Junior Order of Merit Tour Championship being held at the Royal Regina Golf Club at the end of the month.

- As of last week I'm also helping out at the U of S residence for Huskie sport camps. This week is the elite football camp and I'll spend the next two weeks between residence at the U of S and the SGA office. There are plenty of 9-man football players represented at the camp this week and I've had the chance to chat with a few of them so far.

- I've seen plenty of sun this summer and have been no stranger to the lake. Only one sunburn so far and it didn't peel too badly.

- The golf came has been steadily improving over the summer but I still can't seem to break 80. I'm like Ray Romano if you know what I mean. If you think you can help me break 80 leave a comment and we'll set something up.

- North Dakota won the SasKota Bowl in what was a most entertaining game to watch. Brent Plant was in the booth providing color commentary for my broadcast of the game on Access 7 Sports. You can catch the game if you are a subscriber with Access 7 and DVD copies of the game will be made available in the coming weeks. I still don't have my copy yet so stay tuned for the details.

- There is news a plenty on the upcoming football season and I'll do my best to pass along all the info once it has been made official. One thing we are desperately trying to do is track player statistics on SaskGridiron.com. If you would like to become a statistician in your town please send your contact information to SaskGridiron@yahoo.ca. We need as many as we can get so don't be shy!

Look for SaskGridiron.com on Twitter:



Ok that's all I have for now. Stay tuned as I get back into the swing of things. Caution: it may be a slow transition back but it has begun. Get excited!