Thursday, July 31, 2008

Friday blogging...

Yes, I know that it is only Thursday yet but hear me out. It's my Friday. That is because I've got the day off tomorrow and am heading back home to do a little golfing. Well, actually there's a wedding this weekend but tomorrow I'll be golfing.

But it is Thursday and there is a CFL double header on tonight and that means CFL picks.

I've got Montreal/Edmonton/Toronto/Sask.

Post your picks now.


An SJHL note now. We can expect a little bit of news coming out of the league as early as tomorrow or as late as Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Do we all remember last year when Nick Kalnicki was dealt from the Battlefords North Stars to the Melfort Mustangs? Well, in that trade there was a clause that come August 1st, 2008 the Mustangs would have to decide if they wanted to keep Kalnicki, or send him back to the Stars. Should they keep him, they would have to give the Stars future considerations in return.

August 1st is tomorrow and there is already some talk around this. One thing that's come up is that the Stars know that Kalnicki is coming back and are already shopping him around. I guess we'll find out.

Have a super long weekend!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One on one: Matt Weninger

DD: So, you're going down to Omaha eh?

Weninger: Ya.

DD: So, what's the deal there?

Weninger: Well, a little over a month, or so, ago they gave me a call and said that there number one goaltender, Drew Pomosono, had left for Michigan State University and that they were a little surprised by it and they needed a number one goaltender to step in.

You know, I looked at the whole situation. I have a friend who played there last year, who's from Lethbridge. He played on Omaha last year and he enjoyed it. Everyone I talked to was very high on the league. I have a cousin from the (United) States who went through Michigan Tech University and he still lives in Minnesota right now, and he's very high on the league.

I kinda took it all in, and I flew down there and took a look at the rink (and) the town. (I) heard what they had to say and I made a decision that that would be the best place for me to try to continue on with my hockey career.

DD: For sure. When you looked at coming to the Klippers last year, was the USHL your next step or what was the thought process there?

Weninger: I mean for me, where I want to go is a (NCAA) Division 1 scholarship. No question. Obviously when I came to Kindersley, for me at the time, it was the best situation. It still was a great situation. I was extremely happy to be a Klipper. I had a great season. (It was) a great group of guys, everything. For me it was just about getting a division 1 scholarship. From everything I've looked at the USHL does, I feel (playing in Omaha) presents the best opportunity for (a division 1 scholarship) and that's the main reason why I'll be going down there next season.

DD: The NCAA Division 1 recruits pretty heavily out of the USHL, right?

Weninger: Ya, from everything I understand (they do). I know the team I'm playing for next year, Omaha, there team handed out nineteen division scholarships last year, on the team alone. So that in itself, I think, says a lot about the league. It says a lot about the exposure you're going to get in that league. And that's not saying it doesn't happen in Kindersley or in the SJ, it definitely does. You see a lot of guys getting division 1 scholarships. You see guys off our team getting scholarships, guys like Redlick, guys like that. But I feel that my best chance for a division one scholarship is coming out of the USHL.

DD: So you've had a chance to talk with the coaches and your role with the team and you mention number one goaltender.

Weninger: Ya, well I flew down there last week actually and met with them and had dinner and everything. They say “yeah we anticipate you being the number one goaltender. But, no question that you have to come in and play like a number one goaltender (or) you're not going to be a number one goaltender.”

And I know that and I guess that's the challenge that's been presented towards me that I have to go down there and play the best I can and do what I can to get in the net. And when I'm in there, play as well as I can to get as much playing time as I can.

DD: Did they throw anything at you to try to pull you away from Kindersley?

Weninger: No, not really. Nothing at all. Just talking to them they are very high on their league, and I think rightfully so, just as the SJ is high on itself. No, I mean there wasn't anything thrown at me. I just looked at the situation. The exposure you get down there and just kind of everything like that, and I feel that was the best situation for me.


19 division 1 scholarships from the national champion Omaha Lancers! That's just on one team. I think this is a great situation for Matt and I really think this reflects very well on the Klippers organization and how they develope players.

Matt will be in Kindersley participating in the rookie camp August 8th, 9th and 10th.

Have a great day!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Weninger to Omaha plus Klipper signings

Yes, you read that correctly. Goaltender Matt Weninger is heading south for the upcoming season.

Weninger is headed to the United States to play with the defending national champion Omaha Lancers of the USHL.

Matt has been penciled in as the teams starting goaltender.

I'll have more on this as the day progresses including an interview with Weninger.


Also the Klippers have announced a pair of signings.

The team has signed both Taylor Duzan and Andrew Dommett.

Duzan, who played with the Saskatoon Blazers (smaaahl), played in 44 games picking up 42 points (22G 20A) as well as 46 pim's. Duzan was at Klipper camp a year ago (as well as Edmonton Oil Kings camp (WHL)) and played in some preseason games for Kindersley.

Dommett, a member of the Saskatoon Contacts (smaaahl), played in 40 games picking up 26 points (13G 13A) while also playing a pair of regular season games with the Klippers as a call-up.

The pair will be on the ice at the WCEC during rookie camp August 8th, 9th and 10th.


The ice is going in at the west central events centre today and that is exciting. The boys are on the ice for rookie camp in 11 days and main camp opens in 32 days.

More on Matt Weninger in a bit... oh, and check the CFL picks, Ryan Tunall and I both went 3-1 this week thanks to the green and white!

Monday morning...

Good morning loyal blog reader!
The past few days has been three things:
a) Relaxing

b) Entertaining

C) Informative
Spending some time at the lake was definitely relatxing. A little golf, a little swimming, a little boating. All in all, it was very relaxing.
The Rider game Sunday night was extremley entertaining. The Riders have now won with three different QB's. Amazing. Also, it is the first time in modern era that the Riders have gone 5-0. I think they pointed out that the riders went all the way to 6-0 in 1934. They were the Regina Roughriders then. Forgive me on the year but I think that's what it was.

These past few days have also been informative. We have found out that Ryne McKinnon is the new Klippers assistant coach. I also found out some news about another Klipper that you will most definitely want to know about.


I was up pretty late last night following the storm on 1330CJYM/1210CFYM and, as a result, sept this morning a little bit. So this is all the blogging time I have right now. I will update you on the Klipper news as the day progresses. It's pretty big. (is there any suspense yet?)

Have a great monday morning!

Friday, July 25, 2008

One on one with new assistant coach Ryne McKinnon

I caught up with new assistant coach Ryne McKinnon earlier today.

Ryne's spending his summer in Flin Flon and we spoke via telephone this afternoon.

DD: Hey Ryne how are ya?

McKinnon: Pretty good, you?

DD: I'm good. So when are we going to see you in Kindersley?

McKinnon: I'm coming down there on the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th (of August), for the (rookie) camp there. Then i'll be back on the 23rd for good, the rest of the year.

DD: So, new job, how did you find out?

McKinnon: Larry gave me a call, one night, and I thought he was just phoning to update me on the team, because I was scouting in Regina for him. I thought he was just phoning to see if I was going to be back doing that. Then he was telling me about how the assistant (Colin OHara) got the coaching job in Nipiwan and he was looking for a trainer and an assistant coach and everything.

I was like, “wait, wait, wait. You're looking for an assistant coach?”

He's like, “yeah”

I was like, “and you were phoning me, to see if I wanted to be the assistant coach?”

And he's like, “yeah, you know, just wondering if you wanted to take the next step, and go to the next level, stay in the game.”

I was like, “well, let's do it then!”

DD: That's exciting.

McKinnon: Yeah, I'm pretty happy about it.

DD: So do you have any coaching experience?

McKinnon: I have my coaching certificate. I took it through school. Then I helped out, as part of the courses, I had to help out with a double A team (in Regina). Other than that I just got my junior experience.

DD: This will be a good step to get into coaching. Is that something you want to do?

McKinnon: Yeah, if the opportunity's there. I know I'll learn a lot from Larry. (I'll) definitely learn a lot this year.

DD: It's going to be a little different, I guess, being on the other side of things eh?

McKinnon: (Laughs) Yeah, that's forsure.

DD: You've played with some of these guys. Is that going to affect the usual coach/player relationship?

McKinnon: I don't think so. They know that I'll have a new role there. I mean, we'll still have the same respect for each other that we did so I think everything will be fine. (The players and I) might be on a more personal level, other than that it should be the same.

DD: Talk about your history with Larry. You've played with him a few times.

McKinnon: Yeah. I first started out with him in Dryden. He let me come try out there and then (he) signed me to a card. Been with him ever since.

Then when I found out that Dryden was going to be folding, in my 20th year, or possibly folding, because they didn't have enough funds, and (when I found out) that Larry got the coaching job in Kindersley, I wanted to finish up playing under him. I got the trade (to Kindersley) and now I'll be coaching with him.

DD: That's awesome. I'm looking forward to (you being in Kindersley).

McKinnon: Yeah. I'm just happy to be back at the rink everyday.

DD: Is coaching (being a head coach) Jr A hockey something you want to do?

McKinnon: We'll see where this year takes me. My long term goal is to become a police officer. That's the classes I'll be taking, for my degree. But if I can do this until that happens then that'd be awesome too.

DD: Forsure, and you'll keep in shape too.

McKinnon:Oh yeah! (laughs) Especially with Larry's program.

DD: He'll have you working out right beside him.

McKinnon: No doubt.


What a day! It's almost time to head for the lake and I'm still busy! I do have more Klipper news and leads that I am working on this weekend. But I am definitely shutting it down for a couple days at the lake.

I promise more Klipper news bright and early Monday morning!

Have a great weekend!

Klippers appoint new assistant coach

I caught up with Larry Wintoneak late yeasterday and it was learned that the Klippers have their new assistant coach in place. Former Klipper Ryne McKinnon will be joining the staff for the upcoming season.
"(Ryne) brings a lot of passion. I've had an opportunity ot coach (Ryne) for 3 years. He's a guy that would go to the wall for us when he played and I know he'll do the same thing as a coach. He's always wanted an opportunity to get involved in the game. He decided not to go to school this year and once Colin O'Hara got the job in Nipiwan (Ryne) was my next choice." -Klipper head coach Larry Wintoneak.

McKinnon joins the staff after former assistant coach Kevin Edgerton stepped down, although Wintoneak is still hoping to have Edge involved with the team.

"(Ryne's) a young guy. He's played the game, he knows the game. I think (Ryne's) two years away from the game, away from (the Klippers) anyway. Yes, he's played with Holmes and our (1988 born players), but he'll have the respect (from the players) I know that for a fact. (Hiring Ryne) will be a good addition. If Edge can hang around and give us some minutes too we'll have a great staff here because we don't want to leave Edge out of the picture either." -Klipper head coach Larry Wintoneak.


I like this move a lot and think Ryne McKinnon will fit in very well with the Klippers staff. The Klippers are still without a trainer for the upcoming season and continue that search.

More Klipper news later in the day so stay tuned!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Schindel committs, rain at the SK. Amateur plus CFL picks

Well it appears as though the golfers are out on the course this morning in Regina. The Access Communications Sask Men's Amateur Golf Championship's 2nd round was cancelled due to massive amounts of rain. As a result, the event was shortened to a 54 hole championship with cuts being made after today's round. I'll post round results and cuts following completion of play.

If you haven't checked out the pictures of Royal Regina you should. I posted the link in my previous post.


Graduating Humboldt Broncos forward Jordan Schindel will lace em up next season down south. Schindel has committed (reported on to play for Manhattanville Valiants (NCAA Div III).
The Valiants play in Playland Park, New Jersey in the ECAC West.


Week 5 in the CFL kicks off tonight. Here's a run down of what I think will happen in week 5:

* Dinwittie will falter
* The fans will boo Kerry
* Printers will finally throw a TD pass
* and the Al's will still have a shitty return game.

Those things don't mean a whole lot but in the end here is my picks for week 5:

Tonight: Calgary at Winnipeg
Friday: Edmonton at Hamilton
Friday: Montreal at BC
Sunday Toronto at Sask

My picks: Calgary/Edmonton/BC/Sask

The one i question at this point is the Edmonton/Hamilton game. Printers needs a break out game in order to produce a "W". On the flip side they don't have much of a ground attack w/o Jessie Lumsden. Edmonton can be good as well. The game isn't untill tomorrow so watch to see if I change my pick before then.

You can post your picks for week 5 in the comments link below.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sask Amateur update***

It was just released a minute ago that day #2 at the 2008 Access Communications SK. Men's Amateur Championship has been canceled.

They started playing just before 10 this morning and play was suspended in the noon hour when a couple severe storms passed through the course.

So, what's going to happen now you ask?

The event will now become a 54 hole championship. Play will resume at 7:00am Thursday morning. The field is being cut to the top 20 players and ties for Friday.

This mean's Delisle's Colin Coben (+7) and Kindersley's Dean Prosky (+8) will need to make up some ground on Thursday in order to make the cut. They are 10 and 11 strokes back (of leader David Stewart who shot an opening round -3) respectivley. Standings wise, Coben is tied for 53rd while Prosky is in a tie for 71st.

To see pictures of the conditions check out the following link:

Have a good night!

Another storm delays Sask. men's amateur golf tourney

(taken from

Murray McCormick,
Published: Wednesday, July 23, 2008

REGINA -- Wednesday's second round of the Access Communications Saskatchewan men's amateur has been delayed because of another summer storm.

Heavy rains and lightning forced organizers of the 100th anniversary of the men's amateur to clear the participants from the Royal Regina Golf Club for the second time in two days.

Tuesday's first round was delayed by a late afternoon storm. Forty-five players resumed the first round this morning at 6:30 a.m. The first round was completed and the first group in the second round was on the 14th tee when the horns sounded, calling in all players and spectators from the course.

Saskatchewan Golf Association officials are still determining what to do with the championship. The Royal Regina is soaked and there are large pools of water on the fairways and greens. Players were playing mark, clean and place because of the wet conditions.

Prince Albert's David Stewart was the first-round leader and was scheduled to tee of 4:30 p.m., if the weather clears. If that happens, it's doubtful the final groups will be able to complete the second round.

The amateur is to conclude on Friday, weather permitting.

Locally, Delisle's Colin Coben fired an opening round 79 (+7) while Kindersley's Dean Prosky shot an opening round 80 (+8). (First round leader) David Stewart (of Prince Albert) shot an opening round 69 (-3).

I'll keep you updated should anything happen this afternoon.

Stay dry!

Wednesday afternoon blogging

A few quick hitters this afternoon from

Estevan Bruins forward Payden Benning has committed to the Curry College Colonels for the up coming season. Benning played three seasons with the Bruins joining the team for the 2005-06 season out of the Estevan Midget AA program. In 2007-08, Benning led the team in regular season scoring with 57 points in 53 games and added an additional 8 points in 6 playoff games.


The Flin Flon Bombers have received commitments from two more rookies. 1990 born forward Mathieu Lecours (pronounced le-cure) from the Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves and 1990 born defenseman Frank Riddle of St. Catharines ON.

Lecours was the second leading scorer in the Great North Midget League with 38-goals and 44-assists in 31-games.

Riddle, 6’0” 155 lbs, played at Stanstead Prep School (in Quebec) last season and had 5-goals and 29-assists in 51-games.


Also Mustang Matt Hill has committed to Queen's University in Ontario this season as well the Notre Dame Hounds have John Esposito joining the team. John is the younger brother of Angelo Esposito who was drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins and traded to the Atlanta Thrashers in the Marian Hossa deal.


I found out that there will be no Klipper golf tournament this year. I guess for another year I can still call myself the defending champ.

Also, I'm working on some new and exciting things for this season. The new blog is one of them and there will be new features added to the blog as the season draws near. I am also working on a couple of other things that will hopefully take Klipper coverage above and beyond what you have seen in the past. One of those being new and improved audio features that I will explain further at some point before the start of the new season.

Until then have a great afternoon!

Monday, July 21, 2008

One on one with Jonathan Redlick

Earlier in the off-season I reported that Jonathan Redlick had accepted a scholorship to play for the Geneseo Knights (NCAA Div III). Earlier this afternoon I had a chance to catch up with Jon and posted below is the transcript of the interview. Enjoy.


DD: So, how's the summer been?

Redlick: It's been really good.

DD: Has it? What have you been up to?

Redlick: Doing lots of hay work. We took on quite a few acres of alph-alpha and do custom work.

DD: Nice. Any damage from the storms this year?

Redlick: Nothing yet. But even just couple days ago that heavy rain, it didn't seem to do anything. There was some hail but it was mostly north of town and around where our land was for sure I think.

DD: That's good you don't want to run into that stuff. So a scholarship eh? Tell us how that came about.

Redlick: Well, they kinda started talking to me, like, Christmas time or something. Never really did talk back to them until after the season and then they just seemed really interested in me. We just kinda talked more and more and it sounded more and more like the thing to do so.

DD: For sure. Was there any interest from other schools?

Redlick: Um, SAIT college in Calgary. When we went to Mexico there at the end of the season we had stopped in for a tour on or way home and (SAIT) seemed like a pretty good school but it was just too late of notice. I had already kinda, over 50 per cent committed to (Geneseo) and had done a lot of paper work and a lot of stuff to go to this school.

DD: So is that kind of what the difference was or what was the difference in your mind?

Redlick: I don't know. To try and find a place to live in Calgary (would have been tough). You know the price range could vary so much where as in (Geneseo) they pay for residence and stuff and all that so I just have to pay for my books.

DD: So have you had a chance to meet the coaching staff and everything like that?

Redlick: No I haven't. It's been kind of tough. I wanted to get down there and fly because you can get a flight for $150 one day and $300 another day. It would have been nice to get down there but you can't always find time to do that.

DD: From talking to them do you have any idea of what your role is going to be?

Redlick: Well they said they were looking, like, there team had struggled this (past) year. They said the hockey (in NCAA), there's lots of power plays and stuff. He had kind of looked at my numbers and said they needed a power forward or someone to help run the power play. He kind of asked me too if I had ever played defense and would mind playing the point on the power play and I said well I used to be a d-man before; my first year and a half of junior. They are definitely looking to bring some young guns in to get some points on the power play and work it from there.

DD: Here's a question for you. How do you pronounce the schools name?

Redlick: Gen-e-see-oh. Gen-e-say-oh? or Gen-ee-see-oh. From what they've been saying it's Gen-e-see-oh. It's about an hour south of Rochester (New York).

DD: So will you know anyone else on the team?

Redlick: Clint Olson, played for Melfort, he's going there so that's really the only person I know. There's another guy, the captain, I think he's done this year, but he played in Yorkton but I never really knew him he's four or five years older than me.

DD: So when do you leave?

Redlick: I fly out on the 19th of August.

DD: What are you up to for the summer? Playing any hockey?

Redlick: Ya, since about two or three weeks after our season was over, we've been playing once or twice a week that five on five Adult Safe in (Saskatoon). It's been good, I have a game tonight.

DD: Which category is that?

Redlick: It's the A/B division. We never had enough guys for a team so we just entered individually, me, my brother and a couple friends. So we're not the best team but I really only need it for the skate to keep from getting injured when I go to camp (in Geneseo).

DD: Well that's all I had for you Jon, congratulations.

Redlick: Ok, Thanks.

DD: And maybe we will touch base later on in the season or something?

Redlick: Ya for sure. I'll maybe give you an update at Christmas time.

DD: Ya that sounds good.


Redlick played 155-games over his junior career and finished with 57-goals and 57-assists. He had a breakout final season with 71-points in 58-games and then followed that up with a clutch playoff by scoring 9-goals and 16-assists in 21-games.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another great game!

After another good Darian Durrant performance it seemed as though the Al's, and veteran QB Anthony Calvillo, were going to be too much for the green and white tonight.
But what a finish!
This reminded me of a game last year that I attended at Taylor Field. It was a very rainy evening when the Eskimos were in town. The conclusion of the game was delayed because of thunder/lightning storms and a television blackout. I was at the game with my gf, my brother and a buddy. We went inside and waited it out in the dark and upon returning to the stands for the completion of the game fans had all crowded the rail infront of the first row to get a better view of the action.
From there on out Ricky Ray and the Esks had no answer to the deafening noise of the rider priders and they just fell appart concluding a rider victory.
I saw many similaraties in tonight's game.
The Al's seemed to have put a dager in rider nation untill a Matt Domingues TD got the faithfull going. A deep kick and an interception later and the fans were as loud as ever and the Al's were on their heals. The green and white preceeded to score another TD to take the lead.
The following kickoff, former Rider, Jason Armstead fumbled the ball the Saskatchewan had the ball once more. The fans had gotten the job done and the rest is history.
I'll admit there was almost a tear shed in this one. Don't be quick to judge. As big of a football (and sports) fan as I am, I really get into the game. (you can probably tell if you ever listen to me call a Klipper game. I am a fan and a loyal Klipper supporter) The Riders young pivot had thrown a pair of interceptions to Reggie Hunt and it appeared that his magic for the evening was over. That was untill he put the ball in the endzone for the winning points in the football game. Durant seemed so excited after scoring those points and then went and handed the ball to his mom, who was in Regina with his father, to watch him play tonight.
It was just one of those moments where your heart is pounding during an intense battle and you have just taken the lead late in the game.
Simply amazing.
Tunall and I are now both 3-0 in our weekly CFL picks. Tomorrow will be the difference. He has Toronto and I have picked Edmonton.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday morning quick hits

Gotta love those Fridays... especially when you just bought yourself a new car this morning... it's an '01 grand am for those of you who were asking.

A couple of quick notes here before I go on the air.

The La Ronge Ice Wolves were part of a couple deals. The following is from

The La Ronge Ice Wolves have acquired 1990 born forward Michael Bzdel from the Nipawin Hawks for future considerations.

Bzdel was fourth on the PJHL’s Tri-Town Thunder in scoring last year as a 17-year-old rookie. He fired 20-goals and 22-assists in 33-games. He also dressed for 4-games with Nipawin and picked up 1-point.

The Ice Wolves have also acquired the SJHL list rights to 1991 born forward Jesse Dengler from the Notre Dame Hounds as the future considerations in last year’s trade that saw the Hounds pick up Kyle Ireland.

Dengler had 13-goals and 8-assists in 9-games with the Humboldt Midget Broncos of the Centre Four Hockey League. Dengler is still midget eligible for the upcoming season.


Also the SJHL has extended its contract with Sherwood Hockey for another three years. Sherwood Hockey is the official pant, glove and stick of the SJHL.


The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League is pleased to announce a new sponsorship agreement with Sher-wood Hockey Inc.

In exchange for receiving Sher-wood's financial support to the SJHL, the league will continue with the naming rights in the southern conference to be referred to with the sponsorship title. Web presence, audio advertisements, print ads in all league programs, and an on-ice logo in each centre will also provide Sher-wood with a very visible profile in each SJHL community.

Sher-wood's Doug MacInnes says, "Sher-wood Hockey Inc. is very excited to be involved with the SJHL for another three years as the official glove, pant, and stick of the SJHL. Sher-wood Hockey Inc. embraces the SJHL's rich tradition and its place as the top Junior 'A' League in the world. We are also truly honored to be outfitting the future of Saskatchewan hockey and providing them with the tools to achieve all of their goals."

Among the NHL Players who endorse Sher-wood are Ottawa Senators forwards Jason Spezza and Antoine Vermette as well as Tomas Plekanec of Montreal, and Pierre-Marc Bouchard from the Minnesota Wild.

SJHL President Laury Ryan says, " We are pleased to continue our partnership with Sher-wood. The product and service that they provide our teams and league provide our players the best equipment in the market."


By the way I am 1-0 this week in my CFL picks as the Stamps beat up on the Ti-cats last night. Ryan Tunall (got his picks in at the last minute) is also 1-0.

More to come later in the day...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

CFL Week 4 Picks **Update

Well another Thursday afternoon and week 4 in the CFL season kicks off tonight.

The schedule for week 4 looks like this:

Tonight: Hamilton @ Calgary
Fri: Winnipeg @ BC
Sat: Montreal @ Saskatchewan
Sun: Edmonton @ Toronto

My week 4 picks: Calgary/BC/Sask/Edmonton

Post a comment with your picks and play along.

**UPDATE** Rod Pedersen reported on his blog that Saturday's Rider/Al's game has been SOLD OUT. Rider prez Jim Hopson reported the sell out earlier today and also announced that the blackout will be lifted as a result.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lord Stanley in Saskatoon

(press release from CHHF)

Babcock Brings Stanley Cup Celebration to Saskatoon

Partnering with Children's Health & Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan

To Raise Funds for Sick Children

SASKATOON, SK - Mike Babcock, coach of the Detroit Red Wings, is bringing the Stanley Cup to Saskatoon and everyone is invited to join the celebration at a public event organized in partnership with the Children's Health and Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan (CHHF).

Bryan Richards, Chair of the CHHF Board of Directors, and Don Atchison, Mayor of the City of Saskatoon, will welcome Babcock and Lord Stanley's trophy to the Amphitheatre at River Landing on July 17.

Date: July 17, 2008

Time: 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Location: Amphitheatre at River Landing (between the Traffic Bridge and Senator Sid Buckwold Bridge)

As a coordinator of the event, CHHF is encouraging visitors to "Give It Up for the Cup" by making voluntary donations. An event photographer will be onsite and people will be able to purchase photos with the Stanley Cup.

All funds raised during the Stanley Cup visit will be presented to the Children's Health and Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan at 10:00 a.m., Friday, July 18 at Jubilee Ford, 419 Brand Road in the Automall.

"I'm very proud to be a Saskatoon boy and I want to give every kid in Saskatchewan a chance to touch the Stanley Cup," said Babcock. "At the same time, we can work as a team to bring a little happiness and hope to kids who need our help and support."

Mix 104's Matt Litton had a chance to talk to Babcock and the following is a transcript of the interview.

ML: Well first of all Mr. Babcock welcome to the show, thanks so much for doing this. How's it going today are you enjoying the off-season?

Babcock: Oh yeah always enjoying the off-season. It's great to spend time with your family.

ML: Right on. And you've been the Stanley Cup champion for about a month and a half now, has it sunk in yet?

Babcock: Oh yeah it's, you know, obviously it was a great thrill and we had a good team, we've had a good team for 3 years we were finally able to accomplish our goal and it was very enjoyable to share the ride with the players and our family and friends and just a great accomplishment.

ML: Right on. Ok, so you're going to be in Saskatoon on Thursday. Would you be able to just talk about what's going to be happening?

Babcock: Well I mean the bottom line is what the goal is to share it with the people of Saskatoon and specifically the kids of Saskatchewan. And so they can come to river landing and, you know, touch the cup and get their picture taken with it, get an autograph if that's what they want. We're going to go to the Royal University Hospital Hospital and share it with the kids there. We're going to go to Sherbrook after-care centre and then we're going to go to, the following day, it's going to be at Jubilee Ford so people have another opportunity to come and get autographs with it and there will be a private party at night. So it should be a lot of fun and a lot of people of Saskatchewan get chance to touch it.

ML: So, I guess, why Saskatoon?

Babcock: That's where I live, that's where I'm from. I live at Emma Lake in the summer but I grew up in Saskatoon. Those are the people who helped me along the way and there was no other place.

ML: Now there's also a fund raiser going on is that correct?

Babcock: Yeah absolutely. You know, obviously for Children's Heath and Hospital (Foundation) here in Saskatchewan, it's a great cause and we want to do what we can to raise a little money.

ML: So is there any reason why the children's health and hospital foundation in particular?

Babcock: Well just because, I mean, I spent a lot of time with pediatric cancer and do a lot of work with kids in that area and it just seamed like a really good cause here in Saskatchewan. I'm delighted with the efforts that are going on in Saskatchewan to help that out so I want to be part of it.

ML: Ok, well that's so much for doing this.

Babcock: No problem thanks for having me on your show!

Back at it...

Well the holiday was way too short. (isn't it always?) The week plus off was nice but it's back to work now and there were a few things happening while I was away.

The Nipawin Hawks have announced the hiring of 31-year-old Edmonton AB native Colin O’Hara as their new Head Coach/General Manager.

O’Hara has spent time as an Assistant Coach with the Vernon Vipers (BCHL) and was an Assistant Coach/Assistant General Manager with the Quesnel Millionaires. He was also Director of Hockey Development for Quesnel Minor Hockey Association, and had a previous Assistant Head Coach stint with the La Ronge Ice Wolves.

O’Hara’s playing career includes a 20-year-old stint with the Battlefords North Stars. The former defenseman had 26-points in 49-games during the 1997-98 season and he was also a member of the gold medal winning SJHL Viking Cup team. He also led the Stars in playoff scoring in his only year. O’Hara also played in the WHL with Swift Current and Medicine Hat.

Hawks President Blaine Clarke has extended a warm welcome, on behalf of the hockey club and the community, to Colin and his wife Erin as well as their three daughters.

The O’Hara’s have lived in Vernon BC during the offseason for the last four years, however they intend to call Nipawin their new full-time home.

For more with O’Hara, please visit and look for the Behind The Bench audio section.

The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League has named Tracy Cook as the new Director of Officials.

Cook takes over for Doug Lawrence, who resigned last month after serving in the capacity for the past four seasons.

Cook, who makes his home in North Battleford as a full-time Business Manager at a local auto dealership, has been married for the last 18 years and, with his wife, is in the midst of raising two teenaged children.

Cook began officiating as a referee in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League in 1996, hanging up the blades for good following the 2005-06 season. Since that time, Cook has been one of the SJHL’s Supervisor of Officials. That position has allowed Cook to watch games from the press box and work with referees and linesmen in a mentoring capacity to help improve their skills.

"I really look forward to working with the officials and I, personally, have found it rewarding over the last couple of seasons to see the young referees and linesmen improve their craft. Seeing them get better as professionals is very exciting," said Cook. "It is a lot like coaching, only you work with officials as opposed to players."The ever changing state of the game of hockey is something Cook feels he and his team will need to remain on top of. "I think with the two-referee system that a number of leagues have started to move toward has a trickle down effect and it impacts the SJHL for sure. But, I think we also have to make sure we can continue to bridge the understanding be tween officials and hockey teams for what the mandate is for each area. For a referee, the most important issues are safety, fairness, and thus allowing teams to compete. For teams, those priorities are often in reverse order."

"The leadership in the SJHL has been outstanding in the area of officials over the last number of years. To continue that is going to be a challenge. Great leadership and outstanding officials are long traditions here (in Saskatchewan). I hope to continue that," added Cook.

More to come later in the day as I get caught up.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Redlick heading south plus CFL picks for week 3


The Geneseo Knights (NCAA Div III) have announced graduating Kindersley Klippers forward Jonathan Redlick has agreed to attend their institution and play hockey for the club beginning this Fall.
Redlick, a native of Biggar SK, played 155-games over his career and finished with 57-goals and 57-assists. He had a breakout final season with 71-points in 58-games and then followed that up with a clutch playoff by scoring 9-goals and 16-assists in 21-games (3rd in league scoring).

Redlick never played Midget ‘AAA’ hockey and was often bounced around from position to position, including going from defense to the wing before Larry Wintoneak converted him to centre where he flourished over the final two plus seasons.

Glad to see Redlick continuing to play some hockey. I'm on my way out the door here this morning. We are heading to the lake and were suppost to leave at 6 but it's my girlfriend and now we're leaving at 7.

I'll leave you for the weekend with my week 3 CFL predictions.

We'll start with Calgary at Montreal. I like the way the Al's have started the season. Big wins over both Hamilton and Winnipeg have people talking. On the flip side Calgary is loaded on offence. I like Calvillo and the Al's by a touchdown. Megan is going with the Stamps.

Toronto at Edmonton. The Eskimos are picked by most to finished at the bastment in the CFL west but Ricky Ray turned in a strong week 2 preformance and that makes this one tough to pick. The Argos struggled in week 2 in a loss to the Ti-cats. Word from is that Michael Bishop was placed on waivers this morning... (could that mean he could be in green and white soon?...stay tuned) so Kerry Joseph will be the go to guy and that should take some pressure off. I like the Argo's to rebound from a loss with a 10 point win. Megan picked the Argo's as well.

Friday night football and BC in Winnipeg. The Lions are an unlikley 0-2 to start the season and are so are the Bombers. What most thought could have been a preview of the grey cup has turned out to be a game for 2 teams fighting to get back in the playoff race. (perhaps a little early to be talking about playoffs?) Desperation will make for a great football game and this one will be fun to watch. I take the Lions by 14. Megan has BC as well.

And finally the Riders at Hamilton. Can Durrant run the offence for an entire game and be successful? I'm getting yelled at to leave and pick the Ti-Cats and there potetnt offence by a field goal. Megan has the Riders on Friday night.

I have to get going have a great weekend.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Time for... Vacation!

There has been a little lack of posts in the past few days but that is because i'm on vacation and enjoying every minute of it!

Back in the ol stomping grounds of Wynyard relaxing for my week off. My girlfriend has a cabin up at Kimball Lake (Meadow Lake Provincial Park) so we are heading up there tomorrow for a few days and the weekend.

I'll work on my tan, get some sleep and just shut down for a few days. Should be nice. It's really gods country up there and they have a nice cabin and a private beach.

I will post my picks tomorrow for week 3 in the CFL so you can follow along and post yours as well!

Enjoy your week/weekend!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

CFL Week 2

Well after a terrible day one of week 2 in the CFL season (did you understand that? I didn't.) I finished pretty strong.

Montreal and Saskatchewan both earned wins last night and moved to 2-0 respectively. Wes Cates had an amazing 2nd half for the Roughies and Anthony Calvillo had 4 TD passes in the first half in what was (for me) a "record" saving day. I started the week 0-2 but finished at .500 and my record for the season so far is 5-3.

Morning show man on the Wake-up club on Classic Hits Radio Ryan Tunall had a week I had to mention! 1-3... not too shabby Ryan but on the bright side you have the same record as Chris Schultz on TSN. He's 3-5 for the season.

The CFL is a crazy game and any day anything can happen. That's the beauty of it.

Enjoy your Saturday morning!

Friday, July 4, 2008


Well thank goodness it's Friday!

Especially after last night in the CFL. It hurts a little to start a week of picks going 0-2 but those games made it a little easier to bare. I just can't figure out the ti-cats. They were amazing in there 32-13 win over Toronto! I think I should just flip a coin when it comes to them. Casey Printers looked like the Casey of old while Jessie Lumsden was flying; over 180 years on the ground!

The Calgary Stampeders thought they had the game won when they scored to take there first lead of the game in the final minute but Jason Tucker made an unbelievable catch to seal the Eskies first victory of the season. Ricky Ray had over 400 yards passing as well.

So I start off the week 0-2 in my picks and so does Ryan Tunall. I'll look to turn things around when the Montreal Allouettes and Winnipeg Blue Bombers square off and later on tonight the Saskatchewan Roughriders are in BC to take on the Lions. All the action on TSN tonight the Rider game starts at 8:00pm. Quotes from coach Ken Miller in the sports on 1330/1210 this mornign as well as everything you need.

Yesterday I was up early... to be up early... today it's the Wake-up club with Ryan Tunall. I can't wait!

Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer Development Roster

Team Canada announced the roster for its World Jr Hockey Summer Development camp and only one player on the roster played in the CJAHL last year.

Corey Trivino fom Stouffville (OPJHL) has been invited to the camp. Travino is a second round draft choice of the New York Islanders.

He does join Riley Nash and Kyle Turris as former CJAHL players.

CFL Picks - week 2

Week 2 CFL picks have been made. Post a comment to register your picks. Last week there was a setting that only let registered bloggers/google accounts post comments. That has since been changed and anyone can post a comment. Just post as your name and your picks.

Have a good day!

Wednesday morning tid-bits

Up with the sun this morning co-hosting the wake-up club with Ryan Tunall. Just some quick tid-bits for you while you have your breakfast.

NHL free agency opened up yesterday and boy was it a busy day! The cell phone never seemed to stop receiving texts all day.

The big signings would be the Blackhawks signing of Brian Campbell to an eight-year deal worth over 57 (m) million dollars.

Wade Redden was signed by the New York Rangers to the tune of six-years, 39-(m) million-dollars.

The Flames made a minor trade yesterday with Chicago. Calgary sent a 2nd round draft pick to the Hawks for Rene Bourque.

For a complete list of all of the free agent signings visit

In some small SJHL news this morning, is reporting that Estevan Bruin defenseman Riley Hughes has committed to Adrian College Bulldogs (NCAA Div III) for next season. Hughes had 17-points in 36-games with the Bruins last season and then added three assists in six games during the playoffs.