Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Friday...

A few observations this morning:

The Vancouver Canucks really saved themselves from embarrassment last night. How they blew a 3 goal lead is unknown to me but when it comes to wins they don't ask how, they ask how many.

Two other series start tonight. Boston opens up at home against Carolina. The way the Hurricanes played that final 2 minutes against the Devils in game 7 was unbelievable. I like the Canes and their playoff experience. It'll go the distance though.

In the West, the Detroit Red Wings host the Anaheim Ducks in game 1 tonight. Here, both teams have recent playoff success to draw on. This series will be the closest of all second round match ups in my mind. Every year we see one team as a Cinderella and lately the 8 seeds have done pretty well. Make no mistake if the 8 seeded Ducks make it far it won't be a surprise. They are a good team with playoff experience and really aren't a Cinderella. I like the club from California in 6.


Chetwynd Minor Ball REgistration is over. Over 100 kids signed up and rosters are full. They are asking that you please do not phone.

League play starts May 5th and minor ball runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-7pm.


If there is one date you mark on your calendar make it May 8th. That night there is a benefit dance at the Chetwynd Legion Hall for Dean martin. Dean is awaiting his 3rd kidney transplant and needs your support. Plus, there will be prizes, a steak dinner and dancing.


On sportsline Monday night, we chated about the early season success of the Toronto Blue Jays. Chetwynd Echo editor Max Fawcett felt that if the Jays could hit the Royals then they were for real. Well they hit the Royals at times but dropped 3 of 4. We also mentioned that if we were comparing this to the NFL we would only be through week 1 and the Jays would be 1-0. If that's the case then the Jays are down 7-0 early in the first quarter of week 2.


This is more like it. It's sunny and we can expect the temp to enter the low 20's this weekend.


Enjoy your Friday!