Thursday, December 11, 2008


What a crappy night. I spent all night with my face in the toilet and got no sleep. This usually happens about once or twice a year. I dread it. Now all day I have to battle hot sweats and cold chills....



I was watching TSN's Off The Record yesterday and Bob Clarke was one of the guests. Bob Clarke is a diabetic and apparently before each game drank a glass of Coke with 3 spoons of sugar and in between periods he drank sweetened juice. All to keep his blood sugar up.

I'd like to see that happen now.

I'll share a little piece from "Brodeur Beyond the Crease":

"After the warmup, I go into the dressing room, take my mask and gloves off, and drink three-quarters of a can of Sprite. That's my drink. Gatorade hurts my stomach, and water just doesn't give me enough of a lift. I'll drink three cans of Sprite a night; one before the game, and one during each of the intermissions."

Again, I wonder how many trainers or nutritionists would recommend that.


It's been a while, but Terell Owens has comments in the news again. Owens was in his locker dressed in a very festive Dallas Cowboys Santa hat along with a red nose. He was ripping Keyshawn Johnson and Emmitt Smith. T.O. was saying how Johnson is jealous of him and doesn't care what all the analysts say about the Cowboys. The kicker? Well that was when he suggested that Keyshawn Johnson and Emmitt Smith get their own show called Dumb and Dumber.


Just got an e-mail from xm105's Dave Dawson. He's the voice of the Whitecourt Wolverines. Dave has started up his very own blog. Check it out here. I'll add it to the list of blogs that I follow on the right hand side of the page.

Here is a snippet of his inaugural post:

"A quick shout out to Darren Dupont, the Voice of the Dawson Creek Junior Canucks of the NWJHL for inspiring me to do this."

Thanks Dave! Glad to help.


Ok, I need to go... feeling a little uneasy.



Anonymous said... poor need somebody to look after you and make you feel better

Darren Dupont said...

I already do and it's a good thing too. What a trooper.

Anonymous said...

You might have someone to look after you but do you really like it when she does?

Darren Dupont said...

You bet I do. What's not to like? I think that is a comment right out of left field...