Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Friday!

I'm flying solo this morning on the "Hit and Miss Morning Show." A few things on the show:
  • If you are looking to see Jan Arden in concert at the Encana tomorrow then listen up. I'll be giving away a pair of tickets this morning on Peace FM.
  • Also the Vault will be open in just a little bit you can listen in for a chance to enter.

Update **

What a morning! So busy that I don't really have a chance to breathe. Morning show is definitely a "Hit" today. Happy Friday.


With it being such a busy morning I'll direct you to Dave Dawson's blog for this week's power rankings. We gotta work together on this stuff. Check out the rankings here.


I'll be on location at the Encana tomorrow from 6-7pm for the Jan Arden pre-concert show. Then it's off to the Memorial for the Canucks and Huskies. Super busy but should be a lot of fun. Stop by and say hi.


Ok, back to the grind.

Have a great Friday!


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