Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One on one: Matt Weninger

DD: So, you're going down to Omaha eh?

Weninger: Ya.

DD: So, what's the deal there?

Weninger: Well, a little over a month, or so, ago they gave me a call and said that there number one goaltender, Drew Pomosono, had left for Michigan State University and that they were a little surprised by it and they needed a number one goaltender to step in.

You know, I looked at the whole situation. I have a friend who played there last year, who's from Lethbridge. He played on Omaha last year and he enjoyed it. Everyone I talked to was very high on the league. I have a cousin from the (United) States who went through Michigan Tech University and he still lives in Minnesota right now, and he's very high on the league.

I kinda took it all in, and I flew down there and took a look at the rink (and) the town. (I) heard what they had to say and I made a decision that that would be the best place for me to try to continue on with my hockey career.

DD: For sure. When you looked at coming to the Klippers last year, was the USHL your next step or what was the thought process there?

Weninger: I mean for me, where I want to go is a (NCAA) Division 1 scholarship. No question. Obviously when I came to Kindersley, for me at the time, it was the best situation. It still was a great situation. I was extremely happy to be a Klipper. I had a great season. (It was) a great group of guys, everything. For me it was just about getting a division 1 scholarship. From everything I've looked at the USHL does, I feel (playing in Omaha) presents the best opportunity for (a division 1 scholarship) and that's the main reason why I'll be going down there next season.

DD: The NCAA Division 1 recruits pretty heavily out of the USHL, right?

Weninger: Ya, from everything I understand (they do). I know the team I'm playing for next year, Omaha, there team handed out nineteen division scholarships last year, on the team alone. So that in itself, I think, says a lot about the league. It says a lot about the exposure you're going to get in that league. And that's not saying it doesn't happen in Kindersley or in the SJ, it definitely does. You see a lot of guys getting division 1 scholarships. You see guys off our team getting scholarships, guys like Redlick, guys like that. But I feel that my best chance for a division one scholarship is coming out of the USHL.

DD: So you've had a chance to talk with the coaches and your role with the team and you mention number one goaltender.

Weninger: Ya, well I flew down there last week actually and met with them and had dinner and everything. They say “yeah we anticipate you being the number one goaltender. But, no question that you have to come in and play like a number one goaltender (or) you're not going to be a number one goaltender.”

And I know that and I guess that's the challenge that's been presented towards me that I have to go down there and play the best I can and do what I can to get in the net. And when I'm in there, play as well as I can to get as much playing time as I can.

DD: Did they throw anything at you to try to pull you away from Kindersley?

Weninger: No, not really. Nothing at all. Just talking to them they are very high on their league, and I think rightfully so, just as the SJ is high on itself. No, I mean there wasn't anything thrown at me. I just looked at the situation. The exposure you get down there and just kind of everything like that, and I feel that was the best situation for me.


19 division 1 scholarships from the national champion Omaha Lancers! That's just on one team. I think this is a great situation for Matt and I really think this reflects very well on the Klippers organization and how they develope players.

Matt will be in Kindersley participating in the rookie camp August 8th, 9th and 10th.

Have a great day!

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