Monday, July 21, 2008

One on one with Jonathan Redlick

Earlier in the off-season I reported that Jonathan Redlick had accepted a scholorship to play for the Geneseo Knights (NCAA Div III). Earlier this afternoon I had a chance to catch up with Jon and posted below is the transcript of the interview. Enjoy.


DD: So, how's the summer been?

Redlick: It's been really good.

DD: Has it? What have you been up to?

Redlick: Doing lots of hay work. We took on quite a few acres of alph-alpha and do custom work.

DD: Nice. Any damage from the storms this year?

Redlick: Nothing yet. But even just couple days ago that heavy rain, it didn't seem to do anything. There was some hail but it was mostly north of town and around where our land was for sure I think.

DD: That's good you don't want to run into that stuff. So a scholarship eh? Tell us how that came about.

Redlick: Well, they kinda started talking to me, like, Christmas time or something. Never really did talk back to them until after the season and then they just seemed really interested in me. We just kinda talked more and more and it sounded more and more like the thing to do so.

DD: For sure. Was there any interest from other schools?

Redlick: Um, SAIT college in Calgary. When we went to Mexico there at the end of the season we had stopped in for a tour on or way home and (SAIT) seemed like a pretty good school but it was just too late of notice. I had already kinda, over 50 per cent committed to (Geneseo) and had done a lot of paper work and a lot of stuff to go to this school.

DD: So is that kind of what the difference was or what was the difference in your mind?

Redlick: I don't know. To try and find a place to live in Calgary (would have been tough). You know the price range could vary so much where as in (Geneseo) they pay for residence and stuff and all that so I just have to pay for my books.

DD: So have you had a chance to meet the coaching staff and everything like that?

Redlick: No I haven't. It's been kind of tough. I wanted to get down there and fly because you can get a flight for $150 one day and $300 another day. It would have been nice to get down there but you can't always find time to do that.

DD: From talking to them do you have any idea of what your role is going to be?

Redlick: Well they said they were looking, like, there team had struggled this (past) year. They said the hockey (in NCAA), there's lots of power plays and stuff. He had kind of looked at my numbers and said they needed a power forward or someone to help run the power play. He kind of asked me too if I had ever played defense and would mind playing the point on the power play and I said well I used to be a d-man before; my first year and a half of junior. They are definitely looking to bring some young guns in to get some points on the power play and work it from there.

DD: Here's a question for you. How do you pronounce the schools name?

Redlick: Gen-e-see-oh. Gen-e-say-oh? or Gen-ee-see-oh. From what they've been saying it's Gen-e-see-oh. It's about an hour south of Rochester (New York).

DD: So will you know anyone else on the team?

Redlick: Clint Olson, played for Melfort, he's going there so that's really the only person I know. There's another guy, the captain, I think he's done this year, but he played in Yorkton but I never really knew him he's four or five years older than me.

DD: So when do you leave?

Redlick: I fly out on the 19th of August.

DD: What are you up to for the summer? Playing any hockey?

Redlick: Ya, since about two or three weeks after our season was over, we've been playing once or twice a week that five on five Adult Safe in (Saskatoon). It's been good, I have a game tonight.

DD: Which category is that?

Redlick: It's the A/B division. We never had enough guys for a team so we just entered individually, me, my brother and a couple friends. So we're not the best team but I really only need it for the skate to keep from getting injured when I go to camp (in Geneseo).

DD: Well that's all I had for you Jon, congratulations.

Redlick: Ok, Thanks.

DD: And maybe we will touch base later on in the season or something?

Redlick: Ya for sure. I'll maybe give you an update at Christmas time.

DD: Ya that sounds good.


Redlick played 155-games over his junior career and finished with 57-goals and 57-assists. He had a breakout final season with 71-points in 58-games and then followed that up with a clutch playoff by scoring 9-goals and 16-assists in 21-games.


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