Thursday, July 31, 2008

Friday blogging...

Yes, I know that it is only Thursday yet but hear me out. It's my Friday. That is because I've got the day off tomorrow and am heading back home to do a little golfing. Well, actually there's a wedding this weekend but tomorrow I'll be golfing.

But it is Thursday and there is a CFL double header on tonight and that means CFL picks.

I've got Montreal/Edmonton/Toronto/Sask.

Post your picks now.


An SJHL note now. We can expect a little bit of news coming out of the league as early as tomorrow or as late as Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Do we all remember last year when Nick Kalnicki was dealt from the Battlefords North Stars to the Melfort Mustangs? Well, in that trade there was a clause that come August 1st, 2008 the Mustangs would have to decide if they wanted to keep Kalnicki, or send him back to the Stars. Should they keep him, they would have to give the Stars future considerations in return.

August 1st is tomorrow and there is already some talk around this. One thing that's come up is that the Stars know that Kalnicki is coming back and are already shopping him around. I guess we'll find out.

Have a super long weekend!


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Darren Dupont said...

Oh tisk tisk tunall,

The eskies came through for me on day one... 2-0 this week.