Friday, July 25, 2008

Klippers appoint new assistant coach

I caught up with Larry Wintoneak late yeasterday and it was learned that the Klippers have their new assistant coach in place. Former Klipper Ryne McKinnon will be joining the staff for the upcoming season.
"(Ryne) brings a lot of passion. I've had an opportunity ot coach (Ryne) for 3 years. He's a guy that would go to the wall for us when he played and I know he'll do the same thing as a coach. He's always wanted an opportunity to get involved in the game. He decided not to go to school this year and once Colin O'Hara got the job in Nipiwan (Ryne) was my next choice." -Klipper head coach Larry Wintoneak.

McKinnon joins the staff after former assistant coach Kevin Edgerton stepped down, although Wintoneak is still hoping to have Edge involved with the team.

"(Ryne's) a young guy. He's played the game, he knows the game. I think (Ryne's) two years away from the game, away from (the Klippers) anyway. Yes, he's played with Holmes and our (1988 born players), but he'll have the respect (from the players) I know that for a fact. (Hiring Ryne) will be a good addition. If Edge can hang around and give us some minutes too we'll have a great staff here because we don't want to leave Edge out of the picture either." -Klipper head coach Larry Wintoneak.


I like this move a lot and think Ryne McKinnon will fit in very well with the Klippers staff. The Klippers are still without a trainer for the upcoming season and continue that search.

More Klipper news later in the day so stay tuned!

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