Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another great game!

After another good Darian Durrant performance it seemed as though the Al's, and veteran QB Anthony Calvillo, were going to be too much for the green and white tonight.
But what a finish!
This reminded me of a game last year that I attended at Taylor Field. It was a very rainy evening when the Eskimos were in town. The conclusion of the game was delayed because of thunder/lightning storms and a television blackout. I was at the game with my gf, my brother and a buddy. We went inside and waited it out in the dark and upon returning to the stands for the completion of the game fans had all crowded the rail infront of the first row to get a better view of the action.
From there on out Ricky Ray and the Esks had no answer to the deafening noise of the rider priders and they just fell appart concluding a rider victory.
I saw many similaraties in tonight's game.
The Al's seemed to have put a dager in rider nation untill a Matt Domingues TD got the faithfull going. A deep kick and an interception later and the fans were as loud as ever and the Al's were on their heals. The green and white preceeded to score another TD to take the lead.
The following kickoff, former Rider, Jason Armstead fumbled the ball the Saskatchewan had the ball once more. The fans had gotten the job done and the rest is history.
I'll admit there was almost a tear shed in this one. Don't be quick to judge. As big of a football (and sports) fan as I am, I really get into the game. (you can probably tell if you ever listen to me call a Klipper game. I am a fan and a loyal Klipper supporter) The Riders young pivot had thrown a pair of interceptions to Reggie Hunt and it appeared that his magic for the evening was over. That was untill he put the ball in the endzone for the winning points in the football game. Durant seemed so excited after scoring those points and then went and handed the ball to his mom, who was in Regina with his father, to watch him play tonight.
It was just one of those moments where your heart is pounding during an intense battle and you have just taken the lead late in the game.
Simply amazing.
Tunall and I are now both 3-0 in our weekly CFL picks. Tomorrow will be the difference. He has Toronto and I have picked Edmonton.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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