Monday, August 9, 2010

Good morning

The summer is flying by and it's hard to believe that high-school football season is right around the corner. Teams will be back on the field before we know it.

I've taken quite a bit of time away from social media this summer and it's been great but it's time to get back at it. I'll make the transition back into the game. It may be slow going but I'll get there and this is the beginning.


Let's quickly touch base with what's been going on so far this summer:

- I'm spending time this summer working with the Saskatchewan Golf Association as a tournament intern. It's been great so far. All but one week of July was spent on the road at the various provincial championships put on by the SGA. Now, it's full tilt in the office preparing for the SGI CANADA Junior Order of Merit Tour Championship being held at the Royal Regina Golf Club at the end of the month.

- As of last week I'm also helping out at the U of S residence for Huskie sport camps. This week is the elite football camp and I'll spend the next two weeks between residence at the U of S and the SGA office. There are plenty of 9-man football players represented at the camp this week and I've had the chance to chat with a few of them so far.

- I've seen plenty of sun this summer and have been no stranger to the lake. Only one sunburn so far and it didn't peel too badly.

- The golf came has been steadily improving over the summer but I still can't seem to break 80. I'm like Ray Romano if you know what I mean. If you think you can help me break 80 leave a comment and we'll set something up.

- North Dakota won the SasKota Bowl in what was a most entertaining game to watch. Brent Plant was in the booth providing color commentary for my broadcast of the game on Access 7 Sports. You can catch the game if you are a subscriber with Access 7 and DVD copies of the game will be made available in the coming weeks. I still don't have my copy yet so stay tuned for the details.

- There is news a plenty on the upcoming football season and I'll do my best to pass along all the info once it has been made official. One thing we are desperately trying to do is track player statistics on If you would like to become a statistician in your town please send your contact information to We need as many as we can get so don't be shy!

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Ok that's all I have for now. Stay tuned as I get back into the swing of things. Caution: it may be a slow transition back but it has begun. Get excited!

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