Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I was up waaaay to late last night doing some thinking and day dreaming and I'm paying for it this morning.

I love day dreaming and just letting my mind go for an hour or two. The ideas just race on anything and everything. I just need to record all the thoughts because before you know it they're gone and for the life of me it's impossible to remember down the line.


So it turns out that what I thought would be a season back in the broadcast booth at the rink is turning into just a couple of games. The Huskies are obligated to webcast basketball first and thus Huskies hockey is getting the bump on more than one occasion. There is just a handful of games that will be webcast and it looks like my schedule will only work for 2 of them.

So much for getting excited. I was beginning to get pretty pumped up to get back in the booth. Oh well, those will be the best two games of the season. Mark my words.


Still working on determining what my role will be with Huskie Central as well. The show began taping over a week ago but with so little going on at this point there isn't a huge demand for reporters and stories. While the show may be a little slow out of the gate for myself I will do my best to keep you up to date the best I can.


SJHL fans still coming to this corner of the web should check out the new blog of Clarion Sports reporter Josh Lewis. The Klipper Report is a dandy and I've linked it to my blog list. Josh is doing some wonderful things... if there was a sponsor in Kindersley (and I know there are a few who could step up) Josh would be a perfect host for "Klippers' TV".

I know there is no such thing but wouldn't it be something? Imagine the video you'd have at the end of the year with highlights and such. If the team ever made a run like they did a few years back the video and coverage of that journey would be first class. Just a thought and a suggestion.


Ok, go get em!



Anonymous said...

Wondering what you mean by sponsor. And "Klippers' TV"? More details please.

Darren Dupont said...

Klippers' TV would be a show dedicated to what's going on with the Klippers.

Fire me an e-mail if you want to talk about this a little bit. dupont_darren@yahoo.ca.

Josh said...

Thanks for the kind words Darren. And it's probably a pipe dream... but I would LOVE to host something like that, or even a podcast. I used to do play-by-play myself (CIS) so part of me still yearns to do broadcast stuff.