Saturday, November 29, 2008

Game Day Blogging

Woke up this morning and started the day with a solid breakfast of french toast. I flipped the tube to TSN and found out that it's Special Olympics day on TSN. Oh look, Ben Mulroney showed up to answer phones. Is there anything this guy doesn't do? After two and a half hours of Special Olympics day the network is now airing a fishing show. Man, I love fishing but I need to find something else to watch.


It's been a few days since my last post and tonight the Canucks will host the Sexsmith Vipers. In my last post you saw that the Canucks dropped significantly in the power rankings while the Vipers are out of the basement for the first time all season. This is an interesting match-up.

Will the Canucks have Radke, Keen or Garnett back? Will Tyson York be the goaltender we saw in three straight victories or back-to-back losses? Can the Canucks power play get going tonight? There are lots of questions that we will try to find answers to tonight.

I'll post a full game preview this afternoon before the game.


Forgive me tonight if you listen to the broadcast. My voice is falling apart and I think that I am getting sick. I don't have much of a voice left so please bare with me tonight as I will try to do the best that I can.


Sportsline is still a go for Monday night. We are going to have some great discussion. Television producer for 55 CHET TV Jacob Zeher and Jay from Peace FM's midday's will join me to discuss some UFC action as well. It is a go so you can tune in Monday night at 6:05pm.


I'm going to grab a bite to eat before I head for Dawson Creek. Gotta do some x-mas shopping. I'll post a full game preview before I head out. This is where it would be handy to have wireless internet on the go. (Hint hint... nudge, nudge...)

Have a great day!


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