Saturday, March 12, 2011

Monday morning water cooler

We've got some ranting, some questions, and some observations this morning as we start another week so let's get right to it.

We'll start by checking in with the University of Saskatchewan Huskies and this past weekend's CIS National Championship tournament.

The Huskies knocked off Dalhousie and moved onto face the Carleton Ravens in the semi-final. This was a re-match of last year's semi-final in which the Huskies won enroute to their first National Championship in team history.

This year's semi-final was slightly different as th
e Ravens came out on top ending the Huskies bid to repeat as champs.

I hate to be this guy but I have to agree with several people who felt the Huskies were given the short end of the stick on several calls in that game. I'm not one to complain about officiating but on more than one occasion there were some obvious blown calls.

Former Huskies' quarterback Laurence Nixon was very heated as one can tell from some of his messages posted on Twitter during the game. Here
are some examples:

This is a complete joke, #cis you're a joke, these refs are completely one sided, if you wanted Carleton to win another title, congrats



There are more and from other people but you get the drift. If you watched the game you'll know how bad it was and what we're talking about. That said, the Ravens are a good team and played some good basketball. At times it seemed as though they couldn't miss and they're offensive rebounding was very good.


Here's congratulations to TWU for their efforts
in picking up a CIS silver medal.


Moving onto the upcoming women's basketball championships and for some reason the U of S Huskies will enter as the #2 seed even though they are the #1 team in Canada. Do you understand?

We'll do our best to follow the women as they look
for their first gold medal in team history.


Here's a tweet posted by PGA tour player Graham Delaet of Weyburn:

Wake up this morning to a busted out window I'm my car and a missing ipod. This isn't supposed to happen in scottsdale.


This Tweet caught my attention from Team Canada goaltender Sami Jo Small:

Sami Jo Small
Glad to hear Billy and the men's sledge team is ok over in Japan. 2-1 win over USA with an 'earthquake' timeout during the game!

Have you ever heard of that happening before?


Are you tired of Charlie Sheen? I know many who are sick of hearing about him and plenty who can't get enough. I fall somewhere in the middle. Ya, I don't really need to hear anymore about his tailspin but I still love tuning into re-runs of Two and a Half Men.


The news of former Rider Kitwana Jones signing in Montreal came quietly last week. Speaking of the Als, do you think Porter and Green will be effective in the CFL? My guess is no but Jim Popp continues to keep the Als at the top of the league and it's hard to question his decision making.


We're full of Tweets today and here's another:

Jennifer Hedger
Did Matt Schneider really just suggest they bring back clutching and grabbing to slow the game back down and therefore prevent head shots?

Agree with him?


Have you heard anything about Google's new social network Circles? I heard it was set to launch any day or maybe has already. Some think it will rival Facebook. Hard to imagine anything doing that right now.


The SJHL playoffs are rolling along and now it's down to four. The top two teams in each conference have advanced and now Melfort will play La Ronge while Yorkton will battle Kindersley to see who moves onto the league championship. Both those series should begin on Friday.


The Saskatoon Blades clinched first place this past week and are rolling right along heading into playoffs.

Sticking with the WHL for a moment and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has had a great week as he passed the 100 point mark on the season.


Congratulations to the Alberta Golden Bears on sweeping the Calgary Dinos in Canada West men's hockey final. Both the Dinos and Bears will now prepare to head to Fredericton for the University Cup next week.


Congratulations to my sister and the Saskatoon Blues ringette team on capturing the gold medal at provincials in Regina over the weekend.


Did you fill out your March Madness bracket yet? I'm working on mine today. Check out twitter to see who I pick to win it all.


Checked out the movie Hall Pass with Owen Wilson last week at the Galaxy. I give it two thumbs waaay up. It had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion. Delisle Rebels head coach Ken Buyers was spotted in theatre checking it out and he gives it rave reviews as well.

We try to head to a movie at least once a week and we've been doing a good job of going each and every week. Any suggestions on what to see this week? I still want to see Sanctum.


I'm not going to touch on Japan too much because you must have been under a rock to miss any of it. Turn to CNN for ten minutes to get caught up or simply watch all the amazing footage on YouTube.


One last question before I go. How often do you get your hair cut?

I struggle with the frequency of getting a trim. Typically I wait until it's way too long and keep putting it off. What is appropriate? Once every two weeks? Three weeks? A month? More?


Ok, that's all for this morning. Enjoy the sun as much as you can this week!


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