Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fantasy football championship Sunday!

For those of you who play fantasy football throughout the NFL season today is likely the championship week in your pool.

Luckily I survived some injuries and questionable line-up decisions to finish first in our pool after the regular season. I then went on to win the semi-final playoff game and today will be in the championship game. The problem is I am fighting some injuries.

At QB we start two players each week. I started with Jay Cutler and Tony Romo. Romo went down and I picked up Kitna. In week 2 or 3 I picked up Michael Vick via the free agent pool (the move of the season that likely was the reason I am where I am) and was in great shape. Now Kitna is out and so is Vick. After a few free agent pick-ups I now have Cutler, Tim Tebow and Kevin Kolb. Which two do I start?

My running backs are pretty set today. I think I'm going with Darren McFadden and Jamaal Charles. The back on the bench today will be Cedric Benson. There's a slight chance McFadden may not go and that could be fatal for my team.

My receivers are a little banged up. Andre Johnson will not play and neither will Chad OchoCinco. I've got Pierre Garcon, Mike Sims-Walker, Jerome Simpson, Donald Driver and Derrek Mason. Three can start.

The kicker and defense is set with Rob Bironas and the Steelers respectively.

Projected stats have me winning 114.03 - 114.02 so on paper it should be fairly close but who knows.

UPDATE: McFadden has been declared inactive and now I'm stuck with Benson and Charles in the backfield.

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