Sunday, January 2, 2011


It's not official yet and won't go up until after all week 17 games have been played but because both me and my opponent have had all players play their week 17 games it is as close to official as you can get: I have won my fantasy football league championship by a final week score of 145.32-130.38.

I want to thank Mitchel Blair for confirming some roster questions this morning. Pierre Garcon and Jerome Simpson had big games for me helping counter the big game from Mike Wallace. I also want to thank Adam Schefter from ESPN for pointing out that Joe McKnight would likely see a lot of touches today for the Jets but I didn't expect him to have the big day that he did. Good thing I picked him up. Finally I want to thank Tim Tebow for his 33+ points today.

I have now played in two Yahoo! fantasy football leagues and finished 2nd in the first one.


Josh said...

Congrats buddy. I, too, have won my Yahoo fantasy football league, the first time I've ever been in one.

Mine wrapped up last week and I had to wait till TUESDAY to find out whether Vick, AD, Maclin and Akers could make up a 39-point deficit. The suspense. Hail to the King.

Darren Dupont said...

I was in the same position last week. Down by 15 with Vick to play on Tuesday and he got me into the final.