Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting right into the game

Some fans like to really get into the game. Most recently Vancouver Canucks forward Rick Rypien got into it with a fan in Minnesota. Rypien has been suspended indefinitely pending a hearing on Friday.

I've pulled a few clips that were posted via Twitter by a couple hockey sources and I'd like to share them this morning. If you've got a few minutes and want to see some player/fan confrontations then here ya go. Jeff Merek is from Hockey Night in Canada and Pierre LeBrun is with ESPN but also appears on HNIC.

JeRypien engages w/fan tonight. Anyone remember Churla/Ristau? Knee to the groin + brawl in the stands?

The stuff with the fans starts after the 1:30 mark.

How about this next one. I would hate to be the guy getting pounded on in this next one.

Pierre LeBrun
Of course, nothing beats this one. Rob Ray years ago beating up Nordiques fan in Quebec City,

Sasha Lakovic (CAL) goes after a fan in Edmonton who dumps beer on assistant coach Guy Lapointe.

This one is brutal. 1990 WHL Tri-City American players (including Olaf Kolzig) brawl w/fans in Seattle.

And then there's this one I stumbled upon.... and I'm a Leafs fan but boy is this funny... the color commentator really makes the clip good too.

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