Wednesday, October 20, 2010


First of all, good morning! Now, time to rant.

Well, first I will show you the clip and then I will rant. Have a look.

Are you kidding me? The hit was vicious, dirty, stupid and a bunch of other words I'd rather not post.

What is going to happen from this? Will there be action taken from within the CIS?

I find a few things wrong with this hit. The hit was late, we all know that. I mean, the kid took 5 steps before laying the smack down. The face that it was late is only a small part of what is wrong with this hit.

Second, it was a blind side hit. Yausie had already shut down, the play was dead and it looks as if he was beginning to adjust his helmet. There is no way he saw it coming. It may not have been from behind or even completely from the side but I still feel it was a blind side hit. The hit came on (from my perspective) what appears to be a 45 degree angle on the shoulder but to me it's a blind side hit because the Rams DB had his attention focused elsewhere.

But the biggest problem with this hit, in my opinion, is the fact that it appears to be helmet on helmet. There is an issue with this type of hit in the NFL right now and something needs to be done. The NFL will fine players for their actions and maybe, if it's bad enough, suspend them.

What can you do to eliminate this type of play at the University level? That is a question that I don't have the answer to and possibly is one without an answer.

My first suggestion would be suspension. You can't fine the player and a 15 yard penalty isn't going to do it. I'd say a 2 game suspension would be warranted. It's crunch time in Canada West and the playoff races are intriguing. Manitoba (1-5) trails UBC (2-4) and Alberta (2-4) who are both tied for the 4th and final playoff spot. Manitoba will play each team once while UBC will face Saskatchewan and Alberta will face Calgary in their other match-ups to wrap up the regular season. A pair of wins by the Bisons should get them into the playoffs. A two game suspension in crunch time would really send a message that this type of hit is not tolerable.

Reports are saying that Yausie suffered a broken jaw on the play.


Al Neufeld said...

Interesting - it would be nice to get some audio to hear when the whistle goes. Players are always taught to hit until the whistle. Also, he appears to be committed to the hit and just follows through. That being said, it was a hard shot and a blind hit. However, it was not helmet-to-helmet. I've see A LOT worse. What was the penalty on the play? I know Brian Dobie and he is a straight up guy, so I am sure he spoke with the player in question.

Darren Dupont said...

Ya it would be interesting to hear when the whistle went. I'm sure there is audio on the tape that the Rams are sending in. I would think that would factor into any decision that is made.