Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SasKota roster announced

The team that will represent Saskatchewan in the upcoming SasKota Bowl is set and ready to put Saskatchewan back in the win column.

There is a total of 14 school represented on the roster. Players from 19 different school registered for the selection camp while a total of 60 players registered for the selection camp.

The 33 man roster will be led on offense by Delisle Rebel's quarterback Levi Aitken. Aitken had a strong selection camp and really showed off his accuracy and arm strength. Kale Lajeunesse of Meadow Lake beat out some very tough competition to win the back-up job.

The team of running backs on team Saskatchewan is one of the deepest that we have seen in the history of the SasKota Bowl. The team will be led out of the backfield by a very quick tandem in Foam Lake's Kiefer Hawerluik and Swan Valley's Josh Hart. Hart really showed his explosive game breaking speed in the provincial final while Hawerluik was a major target of opposing defences throughout the season and into provincials.

The speed is complemented by the size and power of a couple Wynyard Bear running backs. Devon Lamb and Kyle Davis round out the running back group that some are calling the deepest that Saskatchewan has ever sent to the SasKota Bowl.

The 9-man provincial champion Lumsden Devils lead the way with 6 players making the final squad. Meadow Lake will be represented by four while Humboldt and Swan Valley will each have 3 players on the team.

Below is the entire 33 man roster that will represent Saskatchewan in the SasKota Bowl this July in Lumsden.

Levi Aitken - Delisle
Kale Lajeunesse - Meadow Lake

Aaron Oscevzski - Martinsville
Adam Buekert - Delisle
Adam Gibson - Lumsden
Gaelen Clancy - Meadow Lake
Josh Taylor - Lumsden
Kayne Aubichon - Meadow Lake

Devon Lamb - Wynyard
Josh Hart - Swan Valley
Kiefer Hawerluik - Foam Lake
Kyle Davis - Wynyard

Brendon Schultz - Melville
Dalton Lerminiaux - Lumsden
Kyle Rusnak - Yorkton
Riley Armstrong - Gull Lake

Brendon Bomberak - Esterhazy
Brett Schulz - Swan Valley
Cody Dale - Humboldt
Jeremy Vogel - Kindersley
Jonathon Adams - Esterhazy (Langenberg)
Thomas Skulski - Humboldt
Walker Dopko - Meadow Lake

Kelsey Peterson - Lumsden
Kraig Cober - Swan Valley
Matthew Halyk -Foam Lake
Michael Copeland - Melfort
Nathan Hrynchyshyn - Canora
Oneyx Dickson - Canora

Adam McEwen - Lumsden
Cody Schlosser - Humboldt
Bryce Wilson - Sacred Heart
Nic Windrum - Lumsden

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