Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A rink plan for Kindersley

Reported By Sheri Ebert
News Talk 650 CKOM

The burning rink was a sight many Kindersley residents won't forget. But putting a new building up in its place may help. And now, an Ontario design firm says they're getting involved in the province that has grown near and dear to their heart.

Toronto-based Stadium Consultants International is designing a new rink in Kindersley free of charge. The gesture comes five months after the old one burnt to the ground.

Seeing the T-V footage of flames shooting through the roof triggered an emotional response from Chris O'Reilly. O'Reilly says the SCI contacted the town of Kinderlsey and things went from there.

"Just kind of hit home. So we thought, you know, we should do something. They were pretty eager to take advantage of the offer. So we kind of jumped into it fairly quickly."

S-C-I just finished a six month feasibility study for a new multi-purpose facility in Regina to replace Mosaic Stadium. O-Reilly says stepping up to the plate for Kindersley is a way of giving back.

"Bit of a payback, or a nod, to the province for inviting us out there to do some work with them."

The goal is to have a new arena in Kindersley by the end of the year.

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Unknown said...

What great news for Kindersley and the surrounding district. I look forward to the many games I will be watching there soon!