Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back on Facebook // Weight Loss Tips

If you're like me then you were all over Facebook when it came out but have since forgotten about it. I was on it all the time checking status updates, pictures and messages. Lately I just haven't found the time to sit down and browse around.

I did get on last night for a bit and... BAM! In five minutes in was caught up with all the friends and family. Beauty.


The Calgary Flames and New York Islanders will tangle in a pre-season tilt Saturday night at the CUC. Game time is 7:00pm. I should get some tickets. Hm..... anyone scalping?

The Islanders will also play the Oilers in Saskatoon and the Islanders' rookies will play the U of S Huskies men's hockey team.


I was browsing the net and saw that Dane Cook is coming to Saskatoon November 20. I missed out when Ron White came through a few years back and I'm not going to make the same mistake twice. This guy's hilarious.


Funny Facebook status: "_____ has anal glaucoma because my eyes can't see my ass going to work!"


Want some motivation to lose weight? Get a Wii Fit.

Sounds pretty simple right? We got a Wii Fit not too long ago and it's wonderful motivation. You can do little games and exercises on it but for the most part it weighs you and you do a body test each day. They you set goals for yourself and keep checking in to see how you're doing. You still need to go to the gym and eat right and all that good stuff but boy let me tell you it feels great to step on and see that you've lost weight and are on track. On the flip side it feels equally as bad when you step back on the Balance Board and see that you've gained weight.

So far I'm on the right track.


The voice of the Riders, Rod Pedersen, was forwarded some info about a great fundraiser for Football Saskatchewan. Basically somebody will run the game ball for a Rider game in October from Saskatoon to Regina. It's a great read and they hope to raise $100,000. Check it out by reading his blog. It's available HERE and also on the left hand side of this blog.


I had a comment appreciating the Klipper stuff. Hey, I'm not around the team every day like I used to be but I will do my best to keep feeding you info. I love the team and will always be dedicated in whatever way I can.


Okay I gotta get going I'm running late.

Have a great day!


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