Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Morning Questions

Does anybody else hate getting up at 4:30am? Here is a basic rundown of how my morning went today:

  • 4:30am alarm goes off - get up shut it off - go back to bed.

  • 4:35am alarm goes off again - get up, shut it off - go back to bed

  • 4:40am alarm goes off again - get up, shut it off - go back to bed

  • 4:45am alarm goes off again - get up, shut it off - head to the living room - fall back asleep on the couch.

  • 4:50am alarm goes off again - this time I FINALLY wake up for good and head out the door.


Was anyone else waiting for Simon and the judges to critique Kelly Clarkson after her performance on Idol last night?

Clarkson sang her new song on American Idol last night and it wasn't too shabby but for some reason I was just waiting for the judges to start saying something after but they just went to break instead.

Oh, and the right two people went home last night.


Do you read your horoscope?

When doing the daily horoscope with with birthdays on the Hit and Miss Morning Show I occasionally flip over to Aquarius.

Advice you give today will be taken very seriously. You must take it seriously too.

Alright, my advice comes from an old Chinese proverb: When you go to buy, don't show your silver.

That'll be in the back of my mind when I go car shopping.


Who will meet Whitecourt in the NWJHL championship series?

My money would be on the Fort St John Huskies but it's probably a good thing that I don't bet because Peace River rebounded after a 12-1 loss to win 4-3 in overtime last night. The navigators lead the best of seven series 3-2.


When will we know anything more about the NAHL?

We are definitely talking NAHL on Sportsline Monday night. I will be talking to the commissioner of the league tomorrow and will share my findings with you Monday night (or possibly sooner here on the blog).


Alberta's Kevin Martin remains as the only undefeated team at the Tim Horton's Brier. Oh, the question! Um.... who is the best curling team in Canada? That would be Kevin Martin's rink.

I haven't watched as much of the Brier as I would have liked but I'll spend some time doing that this afternoon. I think the Martin rink has won like 18 straight games or something ridiculous like that.


That's all for now. Enjoy your Thursday.


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