Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Morning Loop: Trade Deadline Day Edition

6:00am - Coverage has already begun on TSN and I'm at work. There isn't any calling in sick today but luckily I've got the streaming on and I won't miss a thing.


Want to play the quiz, blogger version? Ok, here we go!

Q: It was asked on Trade Centre and I'll ask it again, how many trades will be made?
A: TSN posed an over/under of 23. I say 27.

Q: Which team will make the most moves? How many?
A: I'm going to go on a limb here and say the Leafs. Five trades.

Q: With Chris Pronger off the market will Jay Boumeester be traded? To who?
A: No. Florida needs him too much for their playoff run and unless it's a spectacular package he won't move.

Q: How many players will be involved in the day's biggest deal? (not including draft picks)
A: Five.

Q: Who will be the biggest name moved? To what team?
A: Possibly Kaberle but I'll lean more towards Jokinen to Calgary.

Q: How many deals will Canadian teams be involved in?
A: Eight.

Post your answers in the comment section if you want to play along.


6:53am - TSN cuts to Jay Onrait at home who is blogging from what James Duthie says "what looks like his parent's basement." This is absolutely hilarious as he sits there in his housecoat. Check out the Dan O'toole mug on the coffee table. Now he holds up his Geno Reda mug. What a gem.


The NWJHL semi-finals started last night for the Fort St John Huskies and the Peace River Navigators and this one wasn't close. Fort St John took at 1-0 series lead in their best of seven second round series after a 9-2 win.

Cam McKinnon and Cody Kalb each had a pair.


High school curling provincials start tomorrow in Smithers. The Peace Region is represented by Chetwynd Secondary and their rink led by skip Mark Robertson. The rest of the team: third-Danny Grant, second-Brad Folster, lead-Kelly Hamilton, coach-Kyle Dunlop/Daniel Jewison.

The rink is on the ice tomorrow morning at 8:00am for draw 1 against Chilliwack Secondary and skip Matthew Prinse.

Updates here and on Peace FM.


Ok, I said I'd talk about it a little earlier but I never got around to it. The series between the Canucks/Wheelers went down to the wire and in the end special teams won out. Five on five I think, for the most part, the Canucks dominated the Wheelers. Grande Prairie scored 8 of 15 goals on the power play. That's a huge number. If the Wolverines stay out of the box that series won't even be close.

It was entertaining, that's for sure and what's done is done.


I've been asked a lot lately about the Encana Events Centre. I'm constantly being asked if or when we will see hockey played in the building on a regular basis.

My answer is soon. I need to confirm a few things and am going to be tracking this story today but things are heating up.


8:00am - TSN broke the first trade of the day. Ottawa and Columbus hooked up on a deal. I won't be posting any trades today because you can check out TSN or Sportsnet.


That's all for now. Enjoy trade deadline day!


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