Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Friday

Let's start the day with a recap of the trade deadline quiz: blogger edition.

Q: How many trades will be made?
A: I said: TSN posed an over/under of 23. I say 27.
Actual: 22.

Q: Which team will make the most moves? How many?
A: I said: Leafs and 5.
Actual: 3 trades 2 waiver pick-ups. Does that count as 5 moves? It was also the Ducks who made 4 trades on the day. Zero points.

Q: With Chris Pronger off the market will Jay Boumeester be traded?
A: I said: No.
Actual: No.

Q: How many players will be involved in the day's biggest deal?
A: I said: Five.
Actual: Four (three deals each had four. If draft picks were allowed it would have been 5

Q: Who will be the biggest named moved? To what team?
A: I said: Jokinen to Calgary.
Actual: Jokinen to Calgary.

Q: How many deals will Canadian teams be involved in?
A: I said: Eight.
Actual: Eight.

Results: In total there were 8 questions asked and I answered 4 correct. Fifty percent. I'll take it.


Results from Thursday in the NWJHL are reflected in the NWJHL playoffs on the right hand side of the page. The Whitecourt Wolverines are steam rolling Grande Prairie at the moment and it looks like a certain sweep. Elsewhere, Peace River evened up their series with a win in game 2.


Chetwynd Secondary is off to a great start at the 2008-2009 B.C. High School Boys Curling Provincials in Smithers.

The rink skipped by Mark Robertson had wins over Chilliwack Secondary 9-1, South Delta Secondary 7-6 and Mount Elizabeth 13-7.

Their back on the ice this morning at 11am to take on Howe Sound who are also undefeated at 2-0.


The Calgary Flames are already seeing a return on their deadline day deals. In their 5-1 victory last night Jokinen scored a pair while Jordan Leopold added his first as a Flame. The Flames are legit contenders for the cup at this point.


What are the Toronto Maple Leafs doing? I don't think it's in them to finish in the basement or make the playoffs. They are destined to finish in 10th place.

The Leafs put Vesa Toskala on the shelf to get surgery and picked up Martin Gerber off waivers from Ottawa. This move would certainly wrap up last place for the leafs, wouldn't it? Gerber made 37 saves last night in a 2-1 win over Washington.

This guy was brought in to lose! What is going on? The team can't decide if they want to make the playoffs or get a high draft pick. Decide quick because I don't want to see them finish between 9th - 12th again.


DILLSBURG, Pa. - Police say horns started honking as a sport-utility vehicle sat through six red lights at a south-central Pennsylvania intersection.
Officers arrived to investigate the SUV that seemed to be parked in the intersection, and found the driver asleep at the wheel, with his foot on the brake and a beer in the console.
Officers yelled to wake the man, then had to quickly halt the vehicle when his foot came off the brake and it drifted into the intersection Saturday night in Carroll Township, about 25 kilometres west of Harrisburg.
The 41-year-old was charged with driving under the influence.
(The Associated Press)


And we'll close off this post with another non-sports related piece. Check out this video. It's hard to believe he survived.



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