Sunday, February 15, 2009

No Refs = No Game

DAWSON CREEK, BC -- Earlier today the NWJHL schedule maker looked like a genius pitting the Dawson Creek Jr. Canucks against the Peace River Navigators to end the regular season with the winner clinching third place and a first round date with the Beaverlodge Blades. That was until he (yes it's Valentines day and the mistake can be blamed on a man today) forgot to schedule any referees.

There were no officials for the game tonight which meant no game. The two teams hit the ice, the two broadcast crews went on air and then we all waited. Some of the players then went into the dressing room, some played rebound and took shots on their goalies and the radio went back to some music. Finally after quite a while the two coaches got together and called the game.

A make-up date has yet to be announced but it is looking at this point like Monday evening in Dawson Creek.

Earlier in the season a team of officials came to Dawson Creek from Fort St John to call a game and the arena was deserted. That was because the game was rescheduled to another date. Me things that today was that day and that they were never rescheduled.

Peace River has ice booked for Wednesday evening and that will be the opening night of the 2009 playoffs. That means that the final game in the regular season will have to be either Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. Plus, either Grande Prairie or Beaverlodge will need to know that they will be in Peace River on Wednesday so one of those teams may not have lots of time to prepare for game 1.

I will hopefully have some info for you on Sunday and will post it as soon as I know.


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