Saturday, January 24, 2009

SLAVE LAKE AB -- The Dawson Creek Jr Canucks are on the road in Slave Lake today and will play the Wolves tonight. We're hoping to see a few more bodies in the line up tonight but we won't know until close to game time. Of course that means you'll have to listen to the broadcast to find out.

Here are some observations today:

I'm watching some kind of European race and these guys are cutting corners across the grass and taking short cuts. It's ridiculous but pretty good to watch.


The issue on fighting in hockey has a little more fuel today after Philadelphia Phantoms forward Garrett Klotz left the ice on a stretcher Friday after a viscous fight with Kevin Westgarth of Manchester. The fight ended with Klotz suffering from a seizure.

Klotz was immediately taken to a hospital, where it was revealed he suffered lacerations but no fractures to his face. He was fully responsive and alert while being treated.

This comes not long after Phoenix Coyotes forward Daniel Carcillo hit his head during a fight in a game against Edmonton.


Charles Radke took a high stick from Wolverines captain Ryan Hore early in last night's game. The Canucks' leading scorer left the game and didn't return. There was a lot of blood on the ice and when Radke returned to the arena with about 5 minutes to play he was sporting 2 stitches and a real fat lip.

We'll see if he plays tonight. Maybe he'll just chuck on the cage but I don't see it. Chuck's tough and I think he'll play with the visor as normal.


The boys from Slave Lake looked pretty good in the NWJHL all star game last weekend and found the score sheet. They were playing with some very good talent around them but we'll see how they play tonight.


Most of the guys are spending the afternoon sleeping. Me? I turned a few more pages in Martin Brodeur's book. He really doesn't like Patrick Roy. I'm hooked and it's a great read.


The long ride up to Whitecourt provided a chance to knock off two movies from my 'to see' list.

I had previously seen 'My best friends girl' so I can't count that. We also watched 'the express' and 'Max Payne'. Two movies that I have wanted to see for a while. I was in and out of Max Payne and will have to watch it over to give it a good review but the express was awesome.

Some of the guys rented Lakeview Terrace with Samuel L. Jackson. I have been wanting to watch it but joined them halfway though and that just doesn't work for me.


I should really get a little motivated and finished some last minute prep. We'll give you the full updates tonight during the broadcast. Remember the pre-game show at 7:45pm MST and the pxp at 8:00pm MST on Peace FM.

Have a great day

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