Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cold Wednesday Morning

The thermometer read -20 when I woke up this morning and it felt like it too.  

As I was walking to work I realized that it's only Wednesday and that this week is really going by pretty slow.  It will pick up soon, however, as the Canucks hit the ice tomorrow in Grande Prairie and Friday night in Fort St John.  The boys will be looking for their fourth consecutive victory after taking three in a row this past weekend.

Will Tyson York be between the pipes?  Only time will tell.  He looked very good in three wins this weekend although there were shaky times in the 4-3 victory over Beaverlodge.  He passed his first real test in shutting out Navigators and both the Wheelers and the Huskies are at or above the level of the Nav's at this point.  Should be interesting.

I'll be staying at the George Dawson Inn Thursday night as the bus won't return to Dawson Creek until past midnight.  That'll mean I'll be passing on the Hit and Miss morning show Friday morning.


The wheels are slowly starting to turn on the development of Sportsline.  We have talked about firing it up for the past few weeks now and it looks like we are pretty close.  Max Fawcette has agreed to come on the show as a co-host.  Max is the editor of the Chetwynd Echo and is starting to expand the sports in the paper.  You can check out his minor hockey wrap and his "three stars".

We are hoping to fire it up next week.  Fingers crossed.


Power rankings are coming later in the day.

Have a good one!


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