Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trying to find time in the day

Things seem to be moving at million miles an hour these days.

We are gearing up for Friday's Jr Canuck season opener in Fort St. John and it seems as though there is still so much left to do. We're working on new imaging for the games including splitters and a new intro/extro which should be exciting.

With hockey starting on Friday, news/sports and afternoon's on Peace FM and trying to start up a sports talk show it seems as though there aren't enough minutes in the day. Oh, that doesn't include a new Jr Canucks website that I'm working on.

I've been talking to a few people now and hope to get a Dawson Creek Jr Canucks website up and running very soon and that is taking up a ton of my time.

The stress level is pretty high and these next few days will be no different as there is just a whole bunch of activity flying around.

So much to do and not nearly enough time.


Still without tv and not very impressed. Today I spent 45 minutes on hold with Persona trying to get digital cable hooked up in my place. Finally I called the Persona internet guys and got someone right away. He then preceded to put me on hold for the cable people and, BAM, another 45 minute wait before I hung up.

You think that's adding to my stress level?? Ding!

Maybe I can just get a dish instead and then I'll be able to get the NFL Sunday Ticket and NHL Centre Ice packages.

Don't tell Megan, I'll tell her they're included! Haha just kidding, she's the only one who reads this thing anyway.


New Jr Nucks web site is in the works and I'm hoping it will rock your socks off! Seriously though, I'll be putting a ton of time and effort into the site and hope it looks sharp.

It's quite frustrating, however, when you are talking to a company that can help you start up a site and the person on the phone doesn't speak very good english. Through no fault of her own, she has an accent that I can't pick up and it really makes doing business very difficult.

Stress level: though the roof!


Well that's all the venting I have for today. I'm still trying to decide if I will make a late night trip tonight to hit Canucks practise and gather some audio or if I will just head into town early on Friday and grab it then.

A big part of me thinks I'll be relaxing on the couch tonight with my two girls and some DVD's. It just sounds a little more relaxing than flying down the highway around 30km/h hair-pin curves and being stuck behind logging trucks for a couple hours.

So to you I say, "relax, kick back, and have a great afternoon!"


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