Monday, June 30, 2008

Wings Rename Home Arena

Courtesy: Kevin Smith
It's an end of an era at the Weyburn Colosseum.

The City of Weyburn announcing the naming rights to the home of the Weyburn Red Wings will have a new name.

Crescent Point Energy Trust has purchased the naming rights to the rink for $200,000.

The new name of the rink is ,"Crescent Point Place".

The Colosseum has housed the Weyburn Red Wings since their inception since 1961.

Crescent Point Place is currently undergoing some major renovations including: the installation of nearly 700 new seats as well as 12 luxury boxes on the south side.

The Red Wings will not get a chance to skate on the ice of their newly named rink until October 17th when Notre Dame comes to town.

The Wings will be on the road for the first month of the season.

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