Saturday, June 28, 2008

Riders 1-0

Riders won tonight.. well that much you know.

Huge thanks to Rod Pedersen (who doesn't know who I am lol) as he was my eyes and ears for the game tonight. I'm in Saskatoon this weekend; it's my sisters birthday. She turns 24 tomorrow (June 29th) so i was listening to the game on the radio.

The riders seemed to have some flashes of championship form but from what I heard on the radio this game by all means does not mean we should be planning a grey cup parade.

I've been real impressed with WR Adarius Bowman so far in this early season. He has come in and done a fine job substituting for Matt Dominguez. Should be fun to watch both of those guys on the field at the same time.

Anyways I have to go and wrap my sisters present. Those of you who have a long weekend, enjoy it. To those of you (myself included) that have to work monday, well we can still enjoy the weekend.

Oh, by the way, I finished the week 3-1 so that's not too bad. Kevin Gibney was 3-1 as well this week.

Talk to ya soon!


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