Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I had an e-mail on my phone when I woke up this morning from Shayne Nieszner (father of former Klipper goalie Ryan Nieszner). It's definitely interesting. Read on.


The Mount Royal Cougars have been stripped of the provincial championship title and the ACAC has ordered a rematch.
Photo Credit: Courtesy, Global Calgary

CALGARY- A stunning ruling in the world of college sports Tuesday night.

The Mount Royal Cougars will have to battle the SAIT Trojans once again, after being stripped of the provincial hockey title they won just three days ago.

On Sunday, the Cougars defeated the SAIT Trojans to win the provincial hockey championship for the first time in five years.

Now the ACAC has ruled that Mount Royal, in error, used a backup goalie ineligible to play for the championship. The goalie was brought in as a backup for Brett Bothwell, who stepped in after starting goalie Justin Cote was injured Saturday night.

The ACAC has ordered a rematch, which means the Trojans will have another shot at the championship title- and could become the first team to win the provincial hockey championship five times in row.

Meanwhile, head coach Ken Babey says he's "prepared" for the rematch and wouldn't want the team to be handed the title without playing for it. The Acting athletic director for Mount Royal says they are currently looking into their options and are consulting with ACAC officials.

The championship game will be replayed 6 p.m on Saturday at the SAIT Arena.

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Daniel said...

As a SAIT alum, I'm glad to see SAIT had nothing to do with the decision. It was all a league thing.

Still seems kind of lame to me. I would think in this situation a fine would be better served than having a rematch of the game.

If MRU wins, it will be a great story, if SAIT wins, it will have a black mark even as the 5th ACAC Championship in a row.

All things considered, it would probably be a great game to watch.

Darren Dupont said...

According to Bob Mckenzie on Twitter just now he has said that SAIT was given option to win via forfeit but opted to replay the game.

At least they are doing the right thing and it doesn't fall on them. I agree though, that it looks bad on the league.

Anonymous said... backup goalie was actually steve houghton i believe