Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday mid-morning water cooler

Could it be a more exciting Monday morning? There are a few things to talk about this morning as we set you up for the week ahead. Let's get to it!

First, we must congratulate Amber Holland and Team Saskatchewan for their Scotties Tournament of Hearts win. It came down to the final shot in the 10th end and Holland was left counting one for the victory. It snaps the recent run of success by Jennifer Jones and, by the sounds of things, most are happy with that.

It has been a great year so far for Saskatchewan curling with both men's and women's junior teams winning nationals and now Holland claiming the top prize. Now it will be up to the men's team to complete a clean sweep; no easy task.

I have been feeling very patriotic lately on a number of levels. It seems everywhere you look 'we' are on top or in the right direction. The term 'we' is said with loose lips. Just from my perspective here is why I'm feeling so patriotic:
  • We (Saskatchewan) is dominating the national curling stage
  • We (Canada) have tennis' rising star in Milos Raonic
  • We (Canada) are celebrating the one year anniversary of the "Golden Goal" and are the best in hockey
  • We (Canada) finally have a baseball team (Jays) that have some people excited about their new direction under AA and have entered spring training with some actual hope
  • We (Saskatoon) have the best basketball teams in the country in the Huskies men (3rd in CIS) and women (1st in CIS)
  • We (Saskatoon) have one of the best junior hockey teams in the nation (Saskatoon Blades) and have hopes of a Memorial Cup
  • We (Saskatchewan) boast the most popular and arguably the most successful football team (Riders) for the past few years
And the list goes on. It's a good time to be a sports fan and I'm oozing with pride. I guess the only thing that could make things better is if my Leafs somehow squeak into the playoffs and find some success.


A surprising move on the Riders front as Omarr Morgan has been released from the team. It comes as a shock as some had thought he would retire as a Rider.


Are you glued to your tv today? Or is it your computer or cell phone?

Trade deadline day in the NHL and coverage on our national sports networks has become a ritual among hockey fans. It is becoming an event not unlike the Grey Cup or Superbowl where some will even plan to have the day off just so they can sit on the couch infront of the tube for an indefinite period of time.

If this is what you're up to, what network are you watching? I've got it on TSN but occasionally flip to Sportsnet. Word is CBC has some deadline coverage and it's airing on Bold but sadly I don't subscribe to that channel so I do not know. Either way it's good fun but if there aren't a few more deals they may need to cut back some in the future.

I think they said there were something like 31 deadline day deals last year but this year there was plenty of action in the weeks leading up to today. If this trend continues, deadline day coverage may not be needed for as long in the future.


The Huskies men's hockey team clinched a playoff spot over the weekend in Winnipeg and will now travel to Calgary this weekend for first round Canada West playoff action. Meanwhile, the Alberta Golden Bears will host the Manitoba Bisons who slid into the playoffs by the skin of their teeth with Lethbridge hot on their tails.

Entering the final night of the regular season (Saturday night), Manitoba had a one point lead over the Pronghorns with each playing their final games that night. A Huskies win combined with Calgary loss would give Huskies second place and the Pronghorns fourth. As it turns out, the Bisons come away with a win against the Huskies to clinch the final playoff spot. Likely in the dark about the previous result, the Pronghorns were leaving it all on the ice as they beat Calgary in their final game.

How heartbreaking must it have been for the Pronghorns to enter the dressing room following that win only to learn that the Bisons had won and erased any hope of the playoffs?

That's hockey but good on the Pronghorns on taking it right down to the final day of the season. They will be a team to watch over the next few years.


Who will be the next coach of the Estevan Bruins?

The team is taking applications and the speculation will begin soon as to who could step into that role and create a successful on-ice product.


GX94's Craig Stein put together a solid poll of broadcasters in the SJHL and the results are up on his blog which is linked on the left hand side of this page. It's a must read.


Two movie reviews from the past week:

- 'Just Go With It' featuring Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler receives two thumbs up from me. I thought it was pretty good and had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion.

- 'Gnomeo and Juliette'. I hate to say it but I was sawing logs through most of this flick. Seriously, I was snoring and had to get nudged. Now, not to say that it was a bad show or anything, it may have had to do with me staying up until 3am the night before but I honestly can't offer much of a review. I did like what I saw and it has me wanting to back and finish it, but after $10 I might way until it hits the Rainbow.


Good story in this morning's Star Phoenix about 29-year-old Brian Guebert and his quest to make Canada's first national senior team. Guebert is a veteran of the Hilltops, Huskies and the CFL and has a winning pedigree. Brian Towress is one of the coaches on this team and you can be sure he'll make a case for the former Huskie to be on the squad.


Ok, that's all for this morning. Enjoy the week and the rest of trade deadline day.


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