Monday, January 17, 2011

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Good morning and welcome back to the MMWC. Hope you have a great week!


I just got back inside from shoveling snow this morning. It's now the third time I shoveled snow this weekend! I don't mind though. I kinda like shoveling snow on a real nice sunny winter morning.


The University of Saskatchewan Huskies men's hockey team earned a split in their weekend series with the Manitoba Bisons. Lucky for the Huskies, so too did Alberta and Calgary.

Saskatchewan remains six points back of first place Alberta and just two points up on both Calgary and Manitoba. The team now enters an off week before hosting the Dinos at the end of the month.


Former Saskatoon Blade Walker Wintoneak has been impressive thus far for the Dinos in his rookie season. This past weekend Wintoneak netted 4 goals and 2 assists in their two games with UBC.


With Alberta struggling with inconsistent play out of the gate in 2011 I think the title of top team in Canada West goes to either Saskatchewan or Calgary although neither team was able to outright earn that title this past weekend. It should be some series at the end of the month when Calgary comes to town.


Sticking with the Huskies, the men's basketball team exploded for 121 points in their win over Manitoba on Saturday.

The 121 points is the most scored by one team in one game in Canadian Interuniversity Sport history.


I am a huge fan of Rex Ryan and the New York Jets.

I'm a Titans fan by trade and make no mistake they are my team in the NFL but I'm 100% on the Jets bandwagon right now. I credit HBO's Hard Knocks for placing me in the Jets corner. If you haven't seen the series I suggest looking for it.

The personalities in that organization are a breathe of fresh air. Yes, Rex Ryan is a complete buffoon but I think that's what draws people in. It's must see tv and I've watched it a few times now.


The shut-out streak of Whiecourt Wolverines goaltender Jordan Panasiuk has garnered some national media attention.

Panasiuk plays for the Wolverines in the North West Junior Hockey League, a Junor B hockey league in north west Alberta and north east BC.

He has turned in 8 straight doughnuts and was looking for number 9 this past weekend but due to transportation issues the game against Fort St. John was postponed.

We'll keep an eye on it here at the MMWC.


I had a bit of a delemma on Saturday night. I had tickets to the Saskatoon Blades game against Swift Current but also had plans on attending the Huskies game against Manitoba.

I opted for the Blades game and what do you know? They lose in regulation at home for only the 2nd time all year.

I was pleased to hear the announced attendance of 8,487 for Minor Hockey Night. There is no reason for the Blades not to average 6,000 fans a night at the CUC. They're the best product in the WHL and it's about time that the city realizes that it's quality entertainment for the whole family.

I hope the acquisition of Brayden Schenn will spark some interest. We'll find out when the Blades play their next home game on Saturday night.


My prediction for Saturday's Leafs/Flames game was almost perfect. I was growling when discussing the Leafs and Flames over some Sportscentre highlights a few weeks ago when both teams were struggling offensively. I joked that when they play it would likely be 0-0 into a shootout and take 15 shooters a side to score a goal.

There was no scoring until late in the third and it went 1-1 into a shootout before the Flames won.


The Rider Pride Hockey Challenge kicked off in Unity on Saturday afternoon. Some of the Riders playing included Jason Clermont, Chris Getzlaf and Shomari Williams.

I was on my way out to Unity to call the game for Access 7 but was forced to turn back due to bad road conditions. The Clarion's Josh Lewis got 20 minutes down the road before turning back as well. At this point I'm still not sure if Access made it out to tape the game or not. Either way check your local listings to see if it will be on an Access station near you.

The tour continues this weekend in Nipawin and then in Weyburn in mid-February.


I'll leave you with this link Tweeted by C95's Rambling Dave. How to eat a watermellon:

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