Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday morning water cooler

There are a couple mistakes to admit to this morning but for the most part it will be good news to talk about.

We'll start with good news for the Maple Creek Redmen, Assiniboia Rockets, Foam Lake Panthers, Humboldt Mohawks, Lumsden Devils, Sacred Heart Saints, Kindersley Kobras and Delisle Rebels. It's good news for you because you will be back on the practice field today preparing for your provincial quarterfinal match-up on Saturday.

Not so good news today for the Wynyard Bears, Melfort Comets, Meadow Lake Spartans, Martensville Royals, Fort Qu'Appelle Marauders and Melville Cobras. That's because your season was ended this past Saturday afternoon. Hold your heads high though as you each had tremendous seasons and have a ton to be proud of. Your teams all have bright futures in 9-man football.

The teams that didn't make the playoffs this year took their share of bumps but are mostly young with bright futures.


The question was asked on which win on Saturday did you think was most surprising?

62% felt that Kindersley's lopsided win over Meadow Lake was most surprising
29% thought Sacred Heart dominating Melville was most surprising
and just 8% felt that it was surprising that Maple Creek knocked off Assiniboia


Some would say that Maple Creek's win over Assiniboia isn't that big of a deal because even though they lost, the Rockets are still heading to provincials.

Well, the win is huge as now the Redmen avoid a match-up with the powerhouse Lumsden Devils who will host the Rockets on Saturday.


I've said it before that Kindersley, in my mind, is the feel good story of these playoffs. The team hasn't made the playoffs in 22 years and now are headed to provincials. The town of Kindersley should be all over the bandwagon.


Calling a pair of Saskatchewan Huskies hockey games this weekend was an absolute treat. I am coming down with a cold and the voice was hurting but I was like a little kid grinning ear to ear all weekend.

Rod Pedersen was right when he said calling games on TV is the bee's knees. There was no lengthy pregame or post game to prepare or interviews to worry about filling. I went on after the anthem, had a break during the intermissions and the post game was very quick with just a couple interviews.

Right now there are only a handful of games scheduled to be webcasted but there is a chance that after Christmas they will have the capability to do all the games. It sounds like next year all games will be done but for now the national champion basketball team takes precedence.


Speaking of the Huskies did you see Steven DaSilva's goal in overtime? What a beauty! As Dave Adolph put it in the post game show that goal was NHL highlight reel material.



The first one comes courtesy my great NFL fantasy coaching. My 5-1 team is taking on CJNB/CJNS's Dan O'Connor's 5-1 squad this week.

I have a couple players who are on their buy week and a few injuries so the only real roster decision that I had to make was at running back. Available and playing this week I had the Bengals Cedric Benson KC's Jamaal Charles and Oakland's Darren McFadden.

The reports said McFadden was probable, would definitely dress but likely not see many touches. So I went with the two previously stated and McFadden has a career day and posts 43.6 fantasy points. AND I HAD HIM ON THE BENCH!!!!!

There is more bad news. A couple weeks ago I dropped Lee Evans who decided to score three touchdowns today. ARGH!!!

There is ray of sunlight and that was when I dropped Evans I picked up the Titans Kenny Britt. Britt had himself a career day and scored just over 40 fantasy points for me.

So long story short, I lead Dano heading to MNF and I have Tony Romo still to play and he's done so it looks like I'm moving to 6-1.


The rain appears to be sticking around for a couple days and even some scattered flurries for Tuesday in most parts of the province but in the forecasts that I've seen it's expected to be Sunny and 10 degrees at kick-off on Saturday.


If you don't have your tickets for the 2010 awards banquet what are you waiting for?

The banquet goes Saturday December 4th in Martensville.

Tickets are just $50 each and includes your meal. Voice of the Riders Rod Pedersen will be the MC and guest speaking will be former Rider Matt Dominguez.

For tickets call 306-831-6378 or e-mail



I made the mistake this week of a premature purchase.

I was in the grocery store picking up some milk and as I walk in I see a great big stack of Chinese mandarin oranges. Of course I bought a box but it was definitely too soon. I love "Christmas Oranges" and can usually go through a box in a matter of a few days but it was just too soon. The oranges aren't the same yet.

Is it because it's too warm outside yet? Either way I can't remember ever making this type of premature purchase before. I'm sure the next box will be spot on.


I was unable to see the Rider game on the weekend and it looks as if I didn't miss much. I'm usually pretty bummed after a Rider loss but this weekend was too good overall and I can't say I'm disappointed that I missed the Rider game or even that they lost. I guess they're still going to the playoffs and that's what matters.


The Kindersley Kobras are the only remaining team that has a 0% chance of playing another home this year.


Is it weird that Huskies mens hockey coach Dave Adolph doesn't wear socks in his dress shoes? Just an observation made walking up the stairs behind him to the broadcast location Saturday night.


I'll be in contact with Access 7 this week setting up our broadcast schedule for provincial football. Early indications are that Access 7 will broadcast one semi-final game plus the provincial final. When details are ironed out I will pass them along.


Ok, that's all for now. Enjoy your Monday.


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