Monday, September 20, 2010

Cloudy, rainy monday

It may be cold, cloudy and raining today but I'd still bet on this being a good week. Here are a few notes from the week that was and the week upcoming.


Let's quickly touch on the Riders. Everyone and their dog is talking about "The Call".

What's your take?

I was screaming at the TV in my downtown Calgary hotel room when coach Miller sent the punt team out. In the end, it's the coach's call and he's there for a reason and if the punter can make that punt 99 times out of 100 then it's the right call to make. Hindsight is always 20/20.


In the end the Riders pulled out the win in one of the best games of the season and it's going to be a good week because of it.


It's also looking like it may be a good week weather wise.

Sep. 21
Sep. 22
Sep. 23
Sep. 24
Sep. 25
Sep. 26
6am - 6pm
Variable cloudinessCloudy periodsVariable cloudinessMainly sunnySunnySunny
Variable cloudinessCloudy periodsVariable cloudinessMainly sunnySunnySunny
WindNW 20 km/hS 10 km/hS 20 km/hW 25 km/hS 15 km/hS 5 km/h
24-Hr Rain--close to 1 mm---


The Kindersley Kobras are emerging as contenders in the NWFL. The team is 2-1 and sitting in a tie for 2nd place in the conference. Their lone loss came back on week 1 when they were edged 14-12 by Warman. Since then they've been dynamite.

The Martensville Royals are also 2-1 and appear to be right with the 3-0 Delisle Rebels who narrowly edged the Royals earlier this season.

I'm really looking forward to the Delisle/Kindersley match-up on Friday.


The SWAC clash between Shaunavon and Assiniboia has been moved to this afternoon at 4:30pm.


After a length of time I can't even comprehend, my blackberry storm has finally been fixed. I have been in the dark without it but I'm back with a vengeance baby!


The Kindersley Klippers kicked off the 2010-2011 SJHL season over the weekend. The season opened with a victory over their arch rival in the Battlefords North Stars. The next night the team was in La Ronge in what sounds like a gong show.

From what I gather Andrew Dommett was clocked with a viscous hit early with the Klippers leading 2-0. Dommett left the game with a broken jaw and is out indefinitely. One Klipper jumps in a fight breaks out and it moves closer to the Wolves bench where a couple players start tossing knuckles from the bench. The Wolves end up with a 7 minute power play and most of it 5 on 3 and score a few and end up winning the game.

I may be a little off the mark here but I encourage you to check out the Klipper Report. It's the blog of Clarion sports reporter Josh Lewis and it's linked on the left hand side of the page.

The Klippers are in my heart and reading the reports get me riled up.


I'm putting the finishing details on a major announcement that will hopefully be released by week's end. Stay tuned for that.


Former NHL goaltender Kelly Hrudy of CBC was spotted by our crew leaving the lobby of our downtown Calgary hotel on Saturday morning.


There is a little stink over the first South 20 Top 10 rankings of the 9-man high school football season. Some feel the undefeated Assiniboia Rockets should be ranked a little higher than some teams who are not undefeated.

Here's my take:
- the Rockets are undefeated and playing good football. They deserve to be undefeated.

- there are only 3 teams in the conference and if the other two are not very strong it's hard to judge how good the Rockets are.

- last season the Shaunavon Shadows had a fantastic season last year and the same sort of message board posts were made when the Shadows weren't ranked very high. They ended up losing out in the first game of provincials. The ranking fit. They were a good team but the teams that were ranked ahead deserved to be there.

I'd like to see teams play one or two inter-conference games each season. I think it would go a long way and give teams an idea of how other teams are in the province.


It seems like I've been at the movie theatre quite a bit lately. I love watching movies and here are a few I've seen:

- The Other Guys: 2 thumbs up. I actually went twice and I'd go again.

- Salt: 2 thumbs up. Angelina Jolie was fantastic and this flick has your head spinning.

- Dinner for Schmucks: 1 thumb up. I was laughing at parts but I don't know if I'd see it again or pay full price for it if I could do things over. Wait until it hits the rainbow.

- Expendables: 2 thumbs up. Shut the brain off and watch things blow up. Great.

I've seen a few other new ones but I'll leave it for another day when I have nothing to write.


The U of S Huskies football team is in unfamiliar territory. The 1-2 Huskies are in the Canada West basement and look to claw their way out when they take on Alberta this week.


That's all for now. Have a great week.


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Josh said...

More or less on the mark Darren. Although the incident with the bench occurred with a separate fight that was taking place away from the rest of it (which was in the LA zone). Haaf went after Lindensmith, the Wolves bench didn't like it and a few of them landed some punches on Haaf.