Monday, April 12, 2010

SJHL champs // football update

First off congratulations to the La Ronge Ice Wolves on winning there first ever SJHL championship. They started their run by winning the Survivor series and now they have a championship.

With Dauphin winning the MJHL title and also hosting the RBC cup that means that the Wolves have an automatic berth in the RBC cup. Do both teams take it down a notch in the Annavet and not risk losing anyone to injury or is momentum that important that they go hard through a possible grueling seven game series? Maybe somewhere in the middle? I guess making these decisions are what the coaches get paid to do.

The Annivet cup starts Friday in La Ronge.


There has been some chatter as to how the restructuring of the four 9-man football conferences will be decided. I believe one team in the SWAC has dropped down to 6-man football and we may see another team enter 9-man.

The ECFL had 7 teams last year and the SWAC had only 4 so I'd like to see that evened out if possible. The SHSAA website is showing that Assiniboia has dropped to 6-man and Caronport is the new 9-man team. It also has Lumsden in the SWAC as part of the restructuring.

People questioned how good the teams in the SWAC were last year and having Lumsden in that conference will definitely help bring out the competition.

I don't know anything official at the moment but am working on it today.


We're now less than a month away from Saskota bowl try-outs. I'm getting excited.


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Saskatchewan Movers said...

Crazy, two Survivor Series teams in the final.