Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend blogging

The Kindersley Klippers won their second straight game last night beating the Battlefords North Stars 4-3. The win put the Klippers in a tie for second in the Sherwood conference but only for a moment. The Notre Dame Hounds beat the Yorkton Terriers 4-3 although they were out-shot 40-19.

The Hounds have two games remaining while the Klippers have one. Now I'm not sure what the format would be if the two teams end up tied in points. They would have identical number of wins and it may come down to the season series which is also tied 3-3. In that case it may be goals for (very close right now 177-175 for Hounds) or goals against (168-177 Hounds with 168).

Who knows?


I'm working hard on at improvements you will see next season.

-You will see on the site that we have started up a Facebook group with stories, discussion, photos and more. Sign up to be a fan and see pictures from the 2009 Provincial Championship.

-We've also joined Twitter. Sign up to follow and

-We're also looking for fans who want to blog. E-mail to sign up for a fan blog.

-And we've created a YouTube channel and hope to launch SaskGridiron TV for the upcoming season. Find the channel at

We are also very close with two more items that you can be very excited about. I won't say much more than that until I have confirmation that things are going ahead but it will be absolutely HUGE. Keep checking the site for the latest as this could be done sooner rather than later.


Anyone else have a BlackBerry Storm and have as many problems with it as I do? It's constantly freezing with the little clock thing in the middle. It often freezes when there is an incoming call and then I'll hear my ringer after the fact and they've already left a voice mail. It's frustrating. When it works without problem it's fantastic but I just don't know anymore.

Anyone else have one and experiencing the same problems? How can I fix it? Anyone suggest a different device?


Ever wonder who won the 9-man crown back in 1961? It's listed on! Check out the past champions tab and find out who won the championship each year dating back to 1961. You'll know which two teams were in the final along with the score.


My rear is leaving quite the imprint on the couch this week. I have watched an overwhelming amount of Olympic coverage and am not even close to ready for the games to end. CTV is doing a bang-up job with these games and it has made the viewing enjoyment that much better. Moments like last night's goal medal skeleton run by Jon Montgomery really make you proud to be Canadian and the network is doing a good job to make it quite the moment.


The Stars and Klippers play the back end of their home and home tomorrow night at the Civic Centre. The Stars will be without Tony Oak who has been tagged with a 5 game suspension. Read all about it on Dan O'Connor's blog linked on the left hand side.

Enjoy your Saturday folks!


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