Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It's cutdown day in junior hockey as teams try to free up a few cards. Each team must be down to 25 cards but most teams will want to keep a card or two open so that they can make a move at the January 10th deadline.

The biggest move of the day involves the SJHL's 2nd leading scorer.

F Devin Mitzner ('90) has been traded from the Bombers to the Bruins for F Brody Haygarth ('90). Mitzner has put up 38 points (23g 15a) thus far while Haygarth has put up 27 points (13g 14a).

I don't really understand this deal from the Bombers perspective. They are the top team in the Bauer Conference and, before this trade, boasted the leagues top 2 leading scorers. Did Mitzner not like playing or living in Flin Flon? We'll see if something comes out in the coming days.


Anonymous said...

Devin like Flin Flon very much and the people.

Anonymous said...

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