Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wednesday morning

Good morning and welcome to the blog. Go ahead and grab some coffee and breakfast. I'll still be here when you get back.


I was walking through the university last week and of the 6 or so people I saw using the computers probably 5 of them were on Facebook.

Is it still that popular?

For the most part I have stopped using Facebook however I might start back up. I have started linking some of my tweets to my Facebook page.


Details were released last week regarding the return of the SJHL showcase weekend. This year it will be at the Civic Centre in North Battleford.

I'm all for the showcase weekend. It gives scouts and fans a chance to see every SJHL team play in the same weekend. Plus, I love the idea of hosting the event in an SJHL centre rather than in Saskatoon. I feel that it can also be used to showcase our communities and I hope this trend continues and we see the event moved around the league each year.


No word on the status of a couple injured Klippers. It's still early in the season so I say stay out of the line-up until you are 100%. There is nothing worse than coming back earlier and then the injury becomes worse.


Speaking of the Klippers, the offense has been on a tear as of late and the team has tied a season best by winning four straight. They'll look for number five in North Battleford on Friday.

The Klippers are now the highest scoring team in the Sherwood conference.


My favorite song is still "Toes" by the Zac Brown Band. I know, this song has been out for a while but I still like it. It reminds me of summer and is one of those songs that just releases stress.

Do you have a song like that? One that just eases all the stress and makes you feel good? Please share.


Some exciting news to share with you today. There is a new Klippers' blog!

Play-by-play voice Kriss Hussey has started up a blog for the Jr. K's. You can find it at http://klippershockey.blogspot.com. I have attatched a link under my blog list on the left hand side.

It's great to see a Klippers' blog again. For me, it's tough to keep tabs on the team when I'm not around them every day.

I want to be the first to welcome Kriss to the blogosphere (?) or blogiverse (?) or how about just the blog world. I look forward to reading what you have to write.


The provincial semi-finals are set in 9-man football for this Saturday afternoon. Swan Valley visits Humboldt at noon while Foam Lake will host Lumsden at 1:00pm. Both these games should be very entertaining.

I'll be working on game previews this afternoon and will hopefully have something for you later on today or sometime tomorrow.


If I can get all my ducks in a row today I will have some big news for you in regards to SaskGridiron.com. That's all I'll say for now. I do have to get organized first.


Get your H1N1 shot yet? I've been pounding back the fruits and veggies to keep that immune system up. If you can't get the shot yet the best think you can do is to try and be as healthy as you can. In my mind a healthy diet is #1.

I smashed a whole box of Christmas oranges in a matter of days.


I'm starting to calm down when it comes to other drivers on the road. It's a slow process but I just pop in a little "Toes" and it takes the edge right off. Either that or some Taylor Swift; she's pretty easy on the ears.


Ok it's time to face the day. Wish me luck.


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