Friday, November 13, 2009

Provincial Championship Game Dauy

It's 5am and I'm up and getting ready to head out.

Today it's on to Lumsden for the Saskatchewan 9-man Provincial Championship between the Lumsden Devils and the Swan Valley Tigers.

The Tigers got into Lumsden yesterday so bus legs shouldn't be a problem. They got a walk through and a good rest in yesterday. They also took in a bit of film.

I don't think there are too many teams that come more prepared than the Lumsden Devils. Head Coach Luke Dunville is one of the most prepared coaches in the province and his team should be ready to go as well. is going to have 'live' video of the game starting with "Countdown to Kick-off" at 12:00pm (noon) and the kick-off at 1:00pm. To watch the game live for free you will need to register a username at by clicking on the following link:

I'm pumped for this game and you should be too. I remember back to my high school days when Lumsden beat us midseason 37-7 or 37-0 but we beat them 21-10 in the provincial final. Remember, anything can happen.

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Also check back to the blog for pictures during the day as I'l try to post them from my BB Storm.

Have a great game day and enjoy the action!


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