Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday blogging

Here's a little update as you enjoy your lunch today.


Team Canada West lost 2-1 to Russia in their opening game at the WJHC. Breitkreuz (Terriers) scored the lone goal for Canada West in the loss.


You know what really grinds my gears lately?

People not signaling when making a turn. What could they possibly be thinking? Do they want to save their signal light so it doesn't burn out?

If there is a traffic light that has a signal arrow does that mean the vehicles don't have to use theirs? I'm a really calm and relaxed guy but that just fires me up.


The Klippers are rolling along after a solid weekend and now face the Humboldt Broncos at the WCEC on Tuesday. Remember last time these two hooked up? I bet the Broncos do! I for one am hoping for a repete.


The provincial semi-final match-ups are set in 9-man football. Foam Lake will host Lumsden while Swan Valley will travel to Humboldt.

The winner of Lumsden/Foam Lake will host the final unless the final is between Foam Lake and Humboldt. In that case, since Humboldt finished ahead of Foam Lake (they are in the same conference), Humboldt would host the final.

The same scenario played out last year when Humboldt hosted Foam Lake and won provincials.


Ok, that's all for now. Enjoy your afternoon.


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