Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yep, that is snow

It has been like living in Vancouver for the last little while. Most of the days have been wet and cloudy with rarely any sunshine and that holds true today except for one thing... the wet is snow.


We will have Klipper notes on the blog tomorrow as they travel to Flin Flon but today is all about football.


I edited the post below as there was an error with the schedule. As I was doing The Endzone this morning I realized what a huge week this is for 9-man football.

  • We have the "Game of the Week" today with Unity(3-1) visiting Rosetown(4-1) and it is a battle for 1st place in the NWFL.
  • Canora(2-2) and Melville(2-2) will duke it out tomorrow to see who will sit in 4th place for the time being.
  • Tomorrow Shaunavon (5-0) will visit Maple Creek (4-1) with a chance to cement themselves as top dog in the SWAC. You'd have to think that another dominating performance this week would move the Shadows up in the Top 10.
  • Wynyard (2-2) is in Humboldt tomorrow and Nipawin (2-2) has Foam Lake to deal with. Both of these two teams are looking to take sole possession of 3rd place in the NEFL.
  • And today we have Lumsden (4-0) visiting Sacred Heart (3-1). The Devils have successfully gotten by Melville and Swan Valley and this is their final test in the regular season. The Saints are coming off the bye week which will make things more interesting.

It's truly going to be a special week for football in this province. Let's remember that this is the final week of the season for the SWAC while there is only one week remaining in the season (after this week) for the other three conferences and the playoff implications are huge.


The Endzone is available for another week. This is episode five. Check it out here.


Is it snowing where you're from? Drop a line in the comment section and let me know, especially if you are from a 9-man football community and there is going to be a game there today. The weather could play a nasty factor this afternoon.


Ok that's all I have right now. Enjoy the action this afternoon.


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