Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday morning thinker....

Just a little something to get your brain going this morning. Enjoy!
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When he won the FedEx Cup on Sunday, Tiger did more than just pad his bank account with another eight figures. He won the largest-ever single championship payout of anybody in sports. The winners of the Super Bowl get around $70,000 apiece, while the winners of the World Series get about $350,000, not including whatever incentives they might have in their contracts.

Tiger passed those guys on the first hole. So in the interest of starting a conversation that'll make you throw up if you take it too seriously, let's think about what Tiger could spend that $10 million on. (Real-world caveats: the money comes in the form of an annuity, not a big fat check, and yes, there are multiple charitable contributions, educational efforts and so forth that deserve this money more than anything below, okay?)

With a fat $10 million in hand, Tiger Woods could now purchase:

Ten minutes of a private concert by the Eagles, or an entire set by the Rolling Stones with $3 million to spare.

• About forty games' worth of baseball from the entire Florida Marlins.

• Six-plus years' worth of service from Mike Vick.

One minute, forty seconds of Super Bowl commercial time.

• Seven and a half minutes worth of giant robots smashing stuff in Transformers 2.

• About 40,000 sets of weekend-duffer-level clubs.

• Two million small buckets of driving-range balls. Doing nothing but driving for eight hours a day, it'd take you more than 228 years to get through all those.

All right, your turn. Bust out the calculator and see what you can come up with. Best answer gets a ten-percent share of Mr. Woods' winnings. (Pending Tiger's approval, of course.) Now get to it!

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