Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Blogging ***Updated

I was under the weather a little on Tuesday but better now than sometime during the next week and a half. Things are really going to become busy with Spirit Week set to begin on Friday. There are planned events happening every single day and I have to cover them in both Chetwynd and Dawson Creek!


There was a rather disturbing video on the Sportscentre Morning Loop when I woke up today.

During a minor hockey game over the weekend there was a fight on the ice. Following the game one of the parents attacked the linesman. He had to be restrained by some of the other parents.

So far no charges have been laid.

That type of behaviour is intolerable and absolutely brutal. People like that should not be around the game. Period.

*** The video posted was just found on minutes ago. It is the full (uncensored) version. Be aware there is some bad language shown and even that woman yelling at the refs afterwords should give her head a shake. Geesh.


Only 4 games left for the Dawson Creek Jr. Canucks and the playoff picture couldn't be less clear. The players were 'bag skated' at Monday's practise and they need a wakeup call after Saturday's 4-3 loss to Slave Lake. These are points that the team needs to be picking up on a regular basis. I'll put together a 'playoff picture update' soon to break everything down heading into the weekend.


A pat on the back must go to everyone who helped out with the Jr. Canucks' player auction last Friday night. The players were auctioned off and raised over 17 thousand dollars and in total the night brought in closer to 20 thousand dollars! Incredible. Way to go!

I think I've got some pictures around here somewhere that I'll have to post at some point.


That's all I can come up for now, I'm sure I'll think of something later.

Have a great day!


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