Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday morning

What a weekend! It was great to be able to take in the NWJHL all star game in Whitecourt on Saturday. The entire day was a ton of fun and there is so much to talk about. I've also got a few pictures that I'll post sometime soon.

Working on the broadcast was a ton of fun. I was down behind the glass providing the color commentary and the inside look into the game. I also got to hop onto each bench at times during the game which was a blast and provided some really good incite and comments.

If you check out Dave Dawson's blog (you can find it on my blog list) he has a game summary and results from the skills competition.

The skills competition was so much fun. I worked along side Landon Kelly (former voice of the Wolverines) and that was a treat. I think we did a pretty good job working alongside one another.

What was my highlight of the all star day? Definitely during the game when Team West started the blades of steel celebrations. For those of you who remember, in the video game on the original Nintendo system when a goal was scored the players would turn and put there sticks in both hands and raise them over their heads. It was so funny and the entire bench was having a blast with it.

I don't understand the gift to the president. Wolverines coach Joey Bouchard was presenting the president of the league a little something and described it as being from all of the teams in the north west jr hockey league. It was a Whitecourt Wolverines jacket and hat. I doubt that was from any other teams in the NWJHL.

I wasn't sure how players from different teams would interact with each other. Dawson Creek played Beaverlodge the night before in a game that had a few fights and then rode the bus to Whitecourt with them. It went pretty well I think. Then players from DC and FSJ on the same team. That actually worked well and they had a ton of fun. Great to see.

What I found out from being on the benches was that Team East was 'intense' and down to business while Team West was all about having fun and smiling. I think one team had more fun while one team played better hockey. I think you can figure out which was which.

All in all it was a great time and I'll try to post a little more as the week progresses.


Sportsline tonight on Peace FM: 6:05pm MST. I'm working on lining up some guests. Hoping to get Jason Higson and Duncan Redfearn on the program. Tune in for some all-star talk along with Jacob Zehr's look into the UFC and UFC 93 from the weekend.


I'll talk to you on sportsline tonight. Have a great day.


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