Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Morning

Back at the grind this morning and it was nice to wake up to a little bit of a warmer morning than we have seen recently. It was -14 as I walked to work at 5am.

It has been 17 days since I have been in the building and actually that feels about right. You know the old cliche: the holidays always seems to fly by way too fast. This year it didn't. I think I made the most of the time away and am pretty satisfied. That being said I always wish I could have more time off. Nonetheless it's back at it today.


The gold medal game of the World Jr Hockey Championship goes tonight in Ottawa. Team Canada will take on team Sweden. Is this team good enough to complete the drive for five? They sure made things interesting in the semi final match up with Russia.

James Duthie on TSN is calling this group the cardiac kids. Sorry James, that term's already taken. Last year's edition of the Kindersley Jr Klippers in the SJHL were named the cardiac kids after several overtime games and late comebacks. Some avid blog readers know what I'm talking about.


We're talking about new year's resolutions on the show this morning. There are the usual ones that we hear like hitting the gym, dieting, quitting smoking or kicking other bad habits. I'd like to be a little more organized. I have so much on the go that it becomes tough to juggle everything so that is a goal of mine in '09.

What's yours?


Sportsline resumes tonight after a bit of a break. We're on the air live at 6:05pm PST with lots to talk about. It will be a lot of fun. I'm working on lining up my guests and will let ya know who's coming on later on today.


The NEBC & Yukon Flyers hosted a game at the Encana on Saturday morning. The Flyers lost 7-3. The Flyers are now 11-13-0 and in sixth place in the RAMHL.

The league has announced it's December Player of the Month and the award goes to the Flyers #16 Robbie Sidhu. Congrats Robbie!


What's with the ballot box stuffing that has been going on in the NHL? Four starters for the eastern conference will be from Montreal. Cummon NHL, find a way to fix this problem. Sure it's great that the fans are showing their support but you have to limit the number of starters that can be voted in or something.


I can't wait to see Mats Sundin in a Canucks' jersey. He's hoping to lace 'em up soon and I think it will be a great fit. Time will tell I suppose.


The drive back to Chetwynd was a cold one. Roads, at times, were icy and that was evident in Edmonton. Several vehicles were on the side of the road, in the ditch or up against the guard rail. We were stuck in traffic when a SUV, traveling the opposite direction, came around a curve and slid into the meridian right beside us. Don't ya love winter driving?


Time to get back to work. I'll check in with you later on.

Have a great day!


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robbie sidhu is an unreal hockey player