Saturday, January 31, 2009

Game Day Blogging

DAWSON CREEK -- I woke up this morning at the George Dawson to beautiful sunny skies over Dawson Creek. That was the view from my hotel room anyway. When I went out for a walk I was greeted with winds gusting over 70 km/h. Brutal.

Big news for the Canucks and Canuck fans. Charles Radke has temporarily left the club to attend school in the lower mainland. Chuck left early this morning and will not be in the line-up tonight against Slave Lake.

The fact is that this is a working mans league and the boys need their education. The good news is that school will last three weeks and Radke will be joining the team in the post season. Good luck Charles and hurry back.


I'm getting a little choked up watching Hockey Night in Canada's coverage of the Leaf's game. They're honouring one of the greats, Doug Gilmour, tonight. 'Killer,' as he was called, was truly a treat to watch and I'm glad, if only for a short time, that I watched him play on TV.


Tonight's game should be a dandy; you can expect a battle.

Head down to the memorial tonight or tune in to the broadcast. Puck drops at 8:00pm MST on Peace FM (DGS Astro Paving pre-game show at 7:45pm MST).


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