Thursday, November 13, 2008

Power Rankings

1. Whitecourt Wolverines (10-1-0) (LW: 1)
-Wins of 3-0 over Sexsmith and 5-4 over Slave Lake have the rest of the league knocking on the door.

2. Dawson Creek Canucks (8-3-1) (LW: 2)
-Despite a loss to FSJ, the Canucks hang onto number 2 this week. A huge weekend ahead with three games in three nights.

3. Fort St John Huskies (10-4-1) (LW: 3)
-Losses to Sexsmith and Beaverlodge can't sit well at this point in the season.

4. Grande Prairie Wheelers (6-4-2) (LW: 5)
-A big win over NP could get the Wheelers going.

5. North Peace Navigators (7-4-1) (LW: 4)
-A big weekend (FSJ/DC/SL) could go a long way.

6. Beaverlodge (5-5-2) (LW: 6)
-Beaverlodge is starting to turn it on with three points in their last two games. The Blades will see the Canucks for the first two times this weekend.

7. Slave Lake (3-10-1) (LW: 7)
-Just one win in their last 9 games and it was an overtime decision.

8. Sexsmith Vipers (1-11-0) (LW: 8)
- The Vipers had my vote for 7th but the media has them stuck in 8th. They are becoming a team that will suprise some down the stretch. Their play a solid system that resulted in their first win of the season.

=the power rankings are compiled from various members of the NWJHL media=

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